Hello everyone, welcome to Lorex systems reviews. We are focused on helping people choosing the best security system according to their needs. We would like to share as much information as we can about Lorex, so you will feel safe and secure when buying and installing your home security system from Lorex.


I have been working with Lorex security systems for around 4 years. I know pretty much everything about Lorex systems that is the main reason why I want to share with all the people my experience with those systems so it can help others.

I have installed different types of devices like DVR’s, NVR’s, WiFi cameras and wireless systems. Just to let you know, I love what I do, even though, it can be harder sometimes depending on the location where the customers want the systems, as well as other technical issues related to these Lorex systems.

Despite all the problems I have had with the system during those 4 years, at this point I know how to solve most of them without calling the Lorex tech support department, which makes installation easier and satisfying for the customer. However, sometimes, when I don’t have a solution or I know I need a replacement, I just call them with the step by step of the process they ask for a replacement (as I already know it) so I can skip the troubleshooting process that can take hours.

After installing more than 1000 Lorex systems, I can tell that this is a reliable product, I just need to make sure every month that everything is working on the system, especially the recordings.

Well, this is a brief history of my experience with Lorex, I’m sure you will find all you need here about those systems, so you can learn a lot about it, and make sure your system will be optimized to work all the time.


I want to help people because there are many types of systems that can be a headache when installing. Therefore, I will share the best options, so you can make sure that you will be well-suited with a reliable and worth money security system for the home.

As I help people that have paid me for installing, I want to help people that want to learn, save time and save money at the same time by sharing all the technical info for Lorex security systems, so you can fix most of the frequent issues you can find with the Lorex systems.

I know a lot of people have spent a significant amount of time talking with the technical support department without a resolution, so I will give you all the tips and necessary information for all the devices they offer for you to know if something has to be replaced or if you can fix it.

It may take some time to update all the information about Lorex systems, however, I will share the most reliable systems and the ones I have been struggled with as well.


My goal is to share everything I know about Lorex systems. Although I know there are different systems and technologies, I will do my best to share the most reliable ones, so you can make sure you will be safe. However, I do not offer installation services anymore as I got tired of this. But no worries! I’m pretty sure I can answer all your questions and help you with resolving any issue in your security system.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,

Felipe Calderon and Samir Plata

Founder of


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