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Lorex review has decided to create a technical support service for our customers. Have you ever feel, when you call customer service or tech support, that the agent helping you seems to be lost about the information you are asking for? This is why we create this service for you. We selected the best people from Lorex Technology to provide a world-class service, what we called “simple and effective”. Here we will give you the right answer as we know all about those systems, so you will have the right setup and information about the unit.

The Gold support is special care with customers, where you will have constant assistance from a professional technician. Don’t ever feel lost and waste time again with troubleshooting that doesn’t make sense, we will have all you need covering by this Gold service.

What is the Privilege of Gold Support?

To get Gold support, you must purchase a security system directly from the Lorex review website.
You will have the service from a professional technician from 8 am to 8 pm Monday-Sunday.
With Gold support, you will have assistance with replacements, warranty returns, or any inquiry regarding your security system.
Excellent Customer service.
Assist with installation and operation instructions. (via email or chat)

If you are planning to get a Lorex security system, you must know that the technical support department from the Lorex technology company is not the best, you will spend hours on the phone without having any solution.

With the Gold support, you won’t have any problem as we know any procedure for replacements, troubleshooting, customer service request, etc.

Before moving on, it’s crucial to know that Lorex review has a team of professional technicians that have been working and installing security systems for more than five years.

We know any single security system from Lorex. We will help you with the installation of PC software and mobile apps.

Getting a security system is an important decision, but more important to understand how they work.

Gold support will help you with any replacement, return, or refund procedure. We will be in charge of any request you may have as your experience is our priority.

Additionally, the Gold support team will be in charge of keeping you informed of any updates for your systems and incoming news for new features. We will be sending e-mails at any time Lorex release an update.

Disadvantages of non-having Gold Support

  • You will need to contact Lorex technical support for any help with your system (Usually, you get in contact with people that are still learning, we want to do things right and fast for you.)
  • You will not have professional assistance during the installation and use of your systems.
  • You will not have assistance during replacements, refunds, or returns ( remember that the Customer service from Lorex is poorly rated.)
  • You will not get an e-mail with incoming updates, discounts, or important news.
  • You will only have the assistance of the manual instead of a professional technician.

The best decision you could make is getting Gold support, as you will never feel alone or lost. Handly by the excellent performance of the Lorex security systems, we will be in charge of your security quality by always giving the best of us.

Never hesitate and sent us questions or observations that you may have to our e-mail (e-mail)

Last but not least, we will leave a link below for you to check some reviews about the Customer and technical support service quality from the Lorex technology call center department.

Let’s grow as a community by asking as many questions as you can so we can create more articles regarding your issues or inquiries.

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