Lorex WireFree Surveillance System – Bundle L222A81-4CM-E

1080p HD Wire-Free Security System with 4 Battery-Operated Active Deterrence Cameras and Person Detection.

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1. What is this Product?

This product is a security bundle (L222A81-4CM-E), that includes a 1080p Wire-free system L222A81 (DVR) digital video security recorder that supports up to six cameras and comes with four HD 1080p. Additionally, you will get a 1TB hard drive to store your recordings.

This product is designed with the purpose to provide the highest performance for security monitoring as it includes the newest technology, you can remotely access your cameras by using the latest Lorex Cirrus app available from android and apple devices.

2. Why this Product?

This product has the latest technology for a security system, and most of the features you can enjoy with it are not available with other security systems.

The included cameras for the bundle works with high definition and are compatible with the Smart motion detection feature

The performance of the Lorex L222A81 is excellent, the video resolution for the cameras and the video encoding of them will let you get clear footage on your recordings, so you don’t miss important events.

The L222A81 video recorder is compatible with smart home devices such as Google Assistant, Alexa, and Apple TV.

Get the best support service with people that will tell you exactly what you need to do. Send us an email to support@lorexreview.com if you want to know more. Read more about our GOLD SUPPORT SERVICE.

3. Who can buy this product?

Anyone looking for a reliable security system for a big warehouse, office, or store as it includes four cameras with 1080p resolution.

If you want to have the best protection for your property, don’t hesitate or look around for other options because this product will work perfectly for you.


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DVR L222A81

  • Recordings and important motion events are easy to review and store on your secure recorder
  • H.265 video compression maximizes video storage and offers more efficient remote connectivity
  • See more detail with 1080p Full HD resolution video
  • Connect up to 6 Lorex wire-free cameras wirelessly to the recorder with a simple setup process
  • Without the need to run wires to the cameras, installation becomes easier
  • Quickly view with simple voice commands, compatible with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa
  • View your system remotely with the Lorex Cirrus app for iOS/Android and Lorex Client 13 for Windows/macOS


  • Full 1080p HD Video resolution
  • See more with a 140° Diagonal Field of view
  • See more at night with IR Night Vision up to 60ft (18m)
  • Quick-release Power Pack makes charging simple
  • Upgrade to Power Pack Plus for 50% more battery life
  • Optional power adapter eliminates the need to recharge
  • Charge your camera using the optional Solar Panel attachment
  • Motion-activated or manually triggered LED warning light
  • Deter unwanted guests with the remote-activated siren
  • Built-in mic and speaker allows you to listen and speak to visitors with 2-way talk
  • Only receive notifications that matter with built-in person detection
  • Receive notifications when a person is detected through the Lorex Cirrus app

Lorex Review




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