Depending on the model of your system, there will be a specific mobile app compatible. Lorex apps such as Lorex Cloud, Lorex Home, Lorex Cirrus, and Lorex ECO Stratus will work on your phone. However, trying with the wrong app will not let you enjoy the remote connection for your cameras.

Click on the link below to see the Lorex Cloud article.

Lorex Cloud App – The New and Unique Lorex Application

In the case of the Lorex Cirrus app, I can tell that I didn’t have a great experience. I had a bad remote connection, delay on the recordings, and slow speed for the playbacks.

I tried to set up my system to send me notifications through the phone. It was a long process, and I was never able to set them up. The reason for the notifications problem was the firmware of the recorders. I used to have my system connected to the internet, but I never received a notification with a firmware upgrade request, this causes a lot of problems, without the latest firmware the push notification feature will not operate.

The main reason for getting a wireless system is that there’s not necessary to have a monitor connected to the video recorder. Unfortunately, the Lorex wireless systems are compatible with the Cirrus app and the auto firmware feature for the recorders don’t work. That means we need to connect a monitor to upgrade the firmware in that way the remote connection can probably work.

I never had so many issues with a Lorex system, I used to have a wireless LHB926 model, it was a great video recorder for home monitoring, however, when I tried to see my cameras with the Lorex Cirrus app my experience was bad, most of the features don’t work, and the quality for the cameras had distortion.

Lorex Cirrus Features

On the Lorex Cirrus advertising, some features are supposed to work but they don’t. The motion detection is one of them, we should be able to set the area, sensitivity, and threshold, but it is not true. If we set up motion detection for the cameras, they will detect any movement that occurs in front of them, the selected area will never work and the sensitivity option will not show up.

Without the sensitivity and area configuration, the push notifications will not be accurate and this may cause false alerts on our phones. The way to stop the push notifications is by disabling the feature. That will cut our reception with the important events that can occur on our cameras.

Although the application tools do not work well, the initial configuration of the application is very simple. How to add the system in the app requires accessible information.

Model number username and system password are some of the essential credentials to add our device.

After typing the necessary information to add the system, the application will automatically open the live view of the cameras. In the application menu, we will be able to access the different tools like live view, device settings, playback, and alerts will show up.

Push Notifications

To enable the push notifications, we must first allow the notification access as soon as we install the app on the phone, from the main menu select the option notifications, select your device and tap on the switch until it shows a green status color.

Lorex Cirrus

For the notifications actions, you can configure notifications on the gear icon, for storage, motion, video loss alarm and low battery, each notification will show up as a pop-up message on your phone.

How To Add Device 

The second step after you install the app, you must add your device to have access to your cameras, from the live view tap on the menu lines to get the DEVICES option, tap on ADD to open the for the system information.

Lorex Cirrus

Login type should be Device ID, to get your device ID scan the QR code on your system, it will show up the ID information and its respective client port, then type the username and password for your system.

After connecting your device on the app, it will take you to the live view of your cameras.

Initial Set-Up 

It is recommended to do the initial set up from a monitor, it will avoid bugs of issues during the setup process.

The initial setup of the system is very important, without it you won’t be able to have the latest firmware version. It can be done from the monitor of the Lorex Cirrus app. After you enter the system information it will take you through the initial set up steps.

Warning. Do not disconnect the ethernet cable or power off the system during the initial set up process.

After finishing the initial set up process for the recorder, you will be able to configure recording type, motion, and warning alarms.


To enable and set up motion detection from the app, double-tap on the channel you want to configure motion and select the gear icon.

Lorex Cirrus

  1. Sensitivity: The sensitivity level will be from 1 to 6. The lower the sensitivity value, the more movement is required to trigger motion detection.
  2. Area Selection: Select the area you want to enable motion detection. The selected area will show up as a red square.
  3. Distance Setting: Changing the distance setting will modify the detection configuration by stopping unwanted events detection.
  4. Buzzer: With the Buzzer option you can select the amount of time you want the system alarm to be active up to 60 seconds. Or select Off to disable system alarm

IMPORTANT. To set up continuous recording mode for the LHB926 wireless recorder, you must have the latest firmware ( 84 ) and the cameras constantly connected to a power adapter, without those specifications, the continuous recording option won’t show up.

Playback Mode

To use the playback mode, tap on the menu bar and tap on PLAYBACK, select the date and channel you want to view and then tap on PLAY to display the view for the playbacks.

The playback control bar will show up at the bottom with play and pause, manual record, fast play, snapshot, and audio options.

The saved manual recordings and snapshots will show up on the recordings tab from the menu bar.

Pairing Your Cameras

You can pair your cameras from the Cirrus app by selecting any channel and doing a tap on the pair option, you will have 30 seconds to press the pair button on the camera.

Lorex Cirrus

Lorex Client 13 Software 

To get control of your system, you must install the Lorex Client 13 software. This software will allow you to view and modify most of the features for your system and cameras.

Download the Lorex Client 13 software from the following link and follow the video guide to set up your system on it.

Lorex Software

The Client 13 software is compatible with windows and MAC computers.

Get to know how to install Lorex Client 13 on your computer.

Lorex Client 13 is a software where you can view your cameras and modify the settings of your system.

The most important settings such as playback, storage, system control, and so on, can be managed from the software, the software will work in an out of the network by using the device ID.

Troubleshooting Advantage

When looking at troubleshooting tools, the Lorex app and software will be great options for troubleshooting steps. For password reset to set up process, the Lorex Client 13 software will be a helpful tool, the Lorex technical support department, will provide you a temporary password that will let you have access to your system to set up a new password.

The Backup option is available from the software, it will let you save recordings directly into your computer, the backup format can be export as MP4.

Factory default can be done from the software, with this feature you can restart the configurations of the system to the initial one, most of the features will show up on the software, however, if you want to pair the cameras, it will not be possible using the software, it mos be done directly from the system or the cirrus app.

Giving my personal opinion, I will say the client 13 software is very useful different from the cirrus app. Besides that, the app can provide a live view of the cameras Lorex must fix the firmware issues and remote connection problems.

Comparing the performance and the quality of the Cirrus app to the rest, I rate Cirrus with a 5 out of 10, my best recommendation is to purchase a Lorex system compatible with Lorex Cloud. I can guarantee that any system with Lorex Cloud app compatibility, won’t have remote issues as the Cirrus app.

Lorex Cloud will have a better video quality and no delay for the cameras the playback controls are better, and the push notification feature will work much better.

That would be all for this article, I hope that I provide enough information and I was clear with the most relevant details about Lorex Cirrus app. If you have any questions or would like to add something to this review, feel free to leave a comment below so we can discuss it.

I will leave a link below in case you would like one of the Lorex systems compatible with Lorex Cirrus.

6 Responses

  1. Cirrus app is the worst! I cant recommend Lorex to anyone because of there Cirrus app and the lack of it working properly! for years this has been the case! Plane and simple Lorex has good product but there apps are some of the worst in the industry! My next system will be through a company that makes better apps!

    1. Hello Larry,

      We appreciate your honesty, but that’s something you need to communicate to Lorex company by calling the tech support department so they can work on your feedback.

      Thank you for contacting us.

      Andy A
      Lorex Specialist

  2. I have to recharge my batteries every 3 days is that normal? If I go on vacation I can’t access the cameras due to battery life!

    1. Hello Wilmer,

      Thank you for contacting us.

      Can you please confirm what is the model number of your system?

      Andy A
      Lorex Specialist

  3. I sure wish I saw this article before getting my wireless Lorex system. It’s horrible, with the Cirrus app I can’t ever connect to my cameras and I’m not even able to connect to a monitor to upgrade my firmware. I spent hours on the phone with tech support to no avail. 0 stars!!!

  4. I switched over to Lorex Cirrus this past weekend. I trialed Amazon’s Blink system and though the app for Blink is nice with some a key feature of “Armed / Disarmed” for all devices, the app failed miserably by not providing live views on load and also there’s no option to display a grid view of your devices. You have to tap a button per camera to receive a live view and scroll down on your phone to view each camera. I learned that Blink is a very basic camera system, and these features exist, but on the higher end platform of Ring, also owned by Amazon.

    I selected Lorex because we have hard-wired solutions at two of our company offices that have really come in handy for situations that have occurred on the property. I noticed on the Lorex Cloud app it has a generational delay in the UI design when you compare it to other competitors on the market. The same is true for the Lorex Cirrus app.

    I plan to reach out to Lorex as I have the eight camera wireless package (L42481-4AA8-W) to provide some constructive feedback regarding the app. The one issue I’ve come across is the scheduler. Seems this part of the app can be cleaned up to offer a master schedule for all cameras, or individual schedule per camera. It would also be nice due to schedules (school schedule, summer schedule, vacation, gatherings at the house, etc.) to have a master toggle switch ‘armed / disarmed’ feature in the Lorex Cirrus app. This would greatly reduce the issues when tweaking the scheduler.

    I have pretty good feedback to share so far with this specific package. The Blink only supported 1080p resolution, where this camera kit is 2k. 4k resolution wasn’t in my budget, and you can really see a pixel difference in detail at night. The battery packs still show full power strength (unsure about the comment for three days charge) and I really like that they are rechargeable power packs instead of the two AA batteries for Blink. Rather than having two sync extenders for the Blink setup, this Lorex package comes with a 1TB NVR receiver which works wonderfully. Granted, some people may have a fair to poor experience as a couple years ago I had my entire home networked with ethernet when we moved in right before the pandemic. Spending the up front cost to network your home has proven to be invaluable for lifestyle changes that pop up in the future such as using AirPrint to print from outside of your home from your phone, cutting the cord of cable with DirectTV and using AppleTVs via ethernet for streaming anything, the kids’ playroom, and now a home security camera system.

    Each camera provides signal strength feedback which is helpful. The majority of the eight cameras have three or two bars of signal strength. Without expanding my WiFi network strength (which I don’t intend to do) there is one camera with one bar and it’s makes sense why it is weak based on the location I chose to put the camera and the amount of framing on the corner of the house. Nonetheless, the one camera with one bar of signal strength still performs pretty well with live views singularly, grid view, and snapshots.

    Finally, I was able to receive 30% off the purchase since they’re running a July sale and received a quote from the rep on their website chat. Overall I’m pretty pleased, as I know how much of a budget you want to spend greatly dictates what is important to you. Blink also charges you a monthly subscription after a 30 day trial expires to store live views per device or a $10 flat per month. Having a one-time purchase was important as I didn’t want to have an add-on monthly fee.

    The following features / factors were important to me and why I chose to purchase this camera system:

    • Budget around $600 for entirety of system
    • Grid view of all cameras with a default live view
    • Easily mountable cameras
    • Wireless devices
    • Illuminating light deterrent (for night)
    • Motion setting parameters along with motion zone (which is very critical when plants blow in the wind)

    I think coming in and knowing that without spending over $1,000.00 and having your cameras hard-wired, you have to be easy going on your results and understand you just can’t get it all on a budget. Overall I’m happy with my experience so far, and just hope I can provide the development team some useful feedback so they add some future features on the Lorex Cirrus app on their future roadmap.


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