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When we review the Lorex tools they offered an incredible Mobile app which is the Lorex Cloud app, I can tell this app is useful and easy to understand. It will allow you to monitor your cameras with a great high-quality image and excellent speed.

The best experience we can have on a security system is when we watch our cameras from our mobile devices. The Lorex company has a lot of great apps and Software’s where we can manage most of the settings of our security systems.

Lorex has been changing so many times their owners producing a lot of issues for the remote access on the apps and software. Owners such as Flir, Raysharp, and Dahua used to manage the Lorex equipment and tools.

Between the Lorex Apps Lorex Home, Lorex Cirrus, Lorex ECO Stratus, and Lorex Cloud. I will say Cloud app is the best one because of the easy way to understand the tools and much more.

Get to know more about Lorex Cirrus and Lorex Home.

On the mobile apps, most of the Lorex clients were very satisfied with the Flir Cloud app it was an excellent tool managed by the Flir company, nowadays the application that works is the Lorex Cloud from Dahua.

Learn more about the Dahua company on the link below.


The Lorex Cloud app is one of the best tools you can use for your cameras monitoring. On this useful app, you can manage and change most of the features of your security recorder, features such as sound, image quality, night vision, and recording mode can be modified.

Get the Lorex Cloud App for your mobile device on the links below.

Lorex Cloud for apple.


Lorex Cloud for android.


Before you download the app on your phone, connect an ethernet cable at the back of your Lorex recorder so that you can have your device online with the Lorex server to get the connection with the mobile app.

The compatibility for the Lorex Cloud app will depend on the model of your security system. Some recorders work with different apps like Lorex Home, Lorex Cirrus and Lorex eco Stratus.

The video recorders that are compatible with Lorex Home are the Dahua models.

Compatible Models

Lorex Cloud App

Video Quality

The video quality form the display of the mobile devices will never be the same as the one on the monitor or TVs., for the mobile devices you will get a sub-stream quality lower than the mainstream on the monitors. That said, you can have a bit of delay on the live view of your cameras as the Mbps per second required for a good performance on your phone will be of 2.5 Mbps per camera.

However, the quality on the phone is lower than the one on the main monitor. The Lorex Cloud App will let you stream the live view of your cameras on HD quality.

To modify the video quality:

1. Go to the Live view of your camera

2. Drag your finger to the left on the Control bar to get more options.

3. Select Video Quality and choose between SD or HD quality.

Lorex Cloud App

Lorex Cloud App

On that same Control Bar, you can modify color settings, enable the audio, and manage the PTZ control for your cameras.

From the Live view, you will be able to display up to 16 cameras with the multi-view at the same time, take in mind this could lower the speed of your cameras, to get a great performance of 16 cameras at the same time you must have a high upload internet speed.

How to Add your Device on the App

Adding your Lorex Devices on the Cloud App won’t be a hard process since the app provides great menus with clear steps to follow. From the Device Manager section, you can hit on the plus icon to add an NVR/DVR system. After that, it will take you to a login page where you need to enter the system information such as the Device ID, username and password of the recorder.

Lorex Cloud App

You can get the Device ID from the label that is attached on the top or sides of your recorder, all you need to do is scan the QR code by hitting on the Scanning option or the QR icon that you see on the Device ID section. The username and password will be the same one you use to log in into your system, the password must be 6 digits.

The Client port will show up always as 35000 unless you have another device using that port which will make you change the one on your Lorex recorder. However, it will only apply if you have a huge network with many devices connected.

When you finish typing all the system information, but you are not getting any camera picture, it could be an issue on the password or the internet connection. You must test check if your system is properly connected, try testing the password on your system before you type it in the cloud app.

Keep in mind that your system needs to be upgraded into the latest firmware, you can check the firmware versions according to your system on lorexwiki.com page.

Get to know how to upgrade the firmware version for your video recorder on the video below.


Before you get access into the Cloud app one of the most frequent questions will be, how to check playbacks, the playback mode is one of the best features on the cloud app, it will allow us to save videotapes and snapshots on the gallery file of our phone, this will let us keep safe any important events.

The saved snapshots or shortcuts from the playback videos will be fist storage at the Local files option of the app, they can be export to our direct phone gallery or any other social media app such as WhatsApp, Messenger, and others.

Push Notifications

The push notifications option is one of the best features the Lorex Cloud app has, with this feature enable you will be constantly informed about events on your cameras. For the notifications features, you will be able to set up a schedule to control the excessive messages coming from the event alerts on your phone.

To Enable the Push Notifications, go to the access menu on the top left corner icon, select the Push Config option and tap the system you would like to set up:

Lorex Cloud App

Select the cameras to enable the push notifications and set up the schedule for them.

The previous notifications will show up on your phone and will be storage at the event list for the Cloud app.

Lorex Cloud App

Lorex Cloud Client Software

The other option Lorex will share for remote monitoring will be the Cloud Client software for PCs, with this software you will be able to manage your cameras from any windows or MAC laptop. The software is reachable from the https://lorexreview.com/lorex-software/?fbclid=IwAR3chEzjA-h0W8pemVQgco8BhEcu7YEkq83FOIgyVK1KW4mUZjy3e60coLg.

Same as the on the Phone app Lorex software used to be the Flir Cloud, after the app migration process Lorex released the new Lorex Cloud Client, from the software you can manage your camera and system settings except for the display options.

Click on the links below to install the Lorex Cloud Client Software:

Lorex Cloud Client for Window

Lorex Cloud Client for MAC

(Video) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S_KUPuqchmI

Lorex Cloud App

During my experience using Cloud Software, I present some issues using the multi-view mode for the cameras, on this feature you can get more than 32 cameras at the same time, but this option will probably slow down the speed for your cameras, same as on your phone the internet speed requested is 2.5mbps per cameras if you don’t have enough internet speed you can get a crash for the software while trying to run more than 10 cameras at the time.

After working with the Cloud Client Software, I can tell that it is very useful, the playback mode and the backup option were my favorite ones, the clarity for the quality of the cameras and the speed for the cameras is impressive. However, if you try to modify configurations for a PTZ camera you may have a bit of delay for the menu.

During my experience using Cloud Software, I present some issues using the multi-view mode for the cameras, on this feature you can get more than 32 cameras at the same time but, this option will probably slow down the speed for your cameras, same as on your phone the internet speed requested is 2.5mbps per cameras if you don’t have enough internet speed you can get a crash for the software while trying to run more than 10 cameras at the time.

Besides the problems that the low internet speed will cause on your computer, the playback mode could be hard to manage, the speed for the playback is not the best and the tools to pause, play and speed up the playback times are not the best.

For the Backup mode, I recommend selecting short video times in that way you don’t take hours waiting for the backup to load on your PC folder, however, the backup is not fast you can get MP4 format for the video recordings that means you don’t need to download any program to run your saved video recording on the computer.


After trying the different Lorex apps, my best experience was with the cloud app. The top speed and high quality of the live view are incredible, tools and configurations are easy to set up, the playback mode is very useful and the push notification is the best feature to keep you informed about the security of your home.

The software and the excellent performance of both remote connections will let you enjoy of your cameras from anywhere, I will recommend to anybody a system compatible with the Lorex Cloud app and software, my rate is a 10 out of 10 over the rest.

That would be all for this article, I hope that I provide enough information and I was clear with the most relevant details about how the Lorex Cloud App works. If you have any questions or would like to add something to this review, feel free to leave a comment below so we can discuss it. You can get the systems compatible with the Lorex Cloud App through my Amazon affiliate link, it won’t cost you more and I may earn a commission if you do so. I will leave a link below in case you would like one of the Lorex systems I recommend for your home.

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