Lorex HD Wifi Security Camera – The Best Standalone Camera

Lorex HD Wifi Security Camera

Lorex HD Wifi Security Camera – The Best Standalone Camera

Product: Lorex Wifi Camera

Model: W281AA

Price: $139.99

The place to get it: Amazon.com

My rating: 7 out of 10


  • Lorex Home Compatibility
  • Two-Way Audio Feature
  • Extended SD Storage Capacity
  • Smart Motion Detection
  • Easy Setup Process
  • No Cloud Fees
  • Push Notifications


  • Not The Best Weather resistance
  • Image Delay on low-speed networks
  • Need WiFi connectivity
  • No 2K or 4K Quality
  • Issues on Firmware for Smart Motion Detection
  • No PC software


The Lorex technology company has been working on releasing new products such as the Lorex HD Wifi security cameras along with the D841 and N881. The latest systems Lorex released has new features that will allow you to take control of your cameras with voice commands.

Besides that, we can review the N881 article, how the improvement in the capacity for the recordings changed. Extended hard drives and great app compatibility are some of the features you will enjoy with the latest devices, but digital and network video recorders are not the only devices you can use to manage your security.

Get to know about the N881 NVR on the link below.


In this article, we will not review Digital or Network video recorders, we will take a look at the features of the new WiFi cameras. They are the latest devices Lorex released to the market with great features such as Lorex Home compatibility, smart motion detection, PT camera control, the performance and particular design of the cameras are an extra feature that will convince you to get one.

Get to know different Wi-fi cameras from different brands from the following link.


WiFi Camera models


Lorex HD Wifi Security Camera


Getting started to use the WiFi cameras on the Lorex Home App, you first need to create a Lorex account by tapping on sign up and validating the account information.

Adding the Device on the app is not a hard process, tap on the plus icon from the Device interface and type in the device ID of the camera, then create the camera password and select a wifi network to connect your camera.

After finishing the initial setup process for the camera, it will show up on the live view interface then you can move to the process of setting the motion detection settings and push notifications.

When looking at the WiFi cameras, you will enjoy new features that will make the performance of your cameras more than incredible.

The 1080p recording quality of the cameras will let you take care of particular details on the recordings. The cameras will save the detected recording and storage them into the SD card. The standard size for the SD card is 16GB expandable up to 128GB, same as on the video recordings, they will automatically overwrite with the newest footage as soon as the storage gets full.

By default, the continuous recording mode is disabled, this option will let you have more storage space by avoiding unnecessary recordings saved on the SD card.

However, to activate the continuous mode, you can open the device setting on the gear icon and highlight continuous mode on the recording schedule.

Lorex HD Wifi Security Camera

WARNING: To operate the Wifi Cameras, leave them constantly connected to the WIFI if you disconnect or turn off the camera from the internet, the status for the camera will be offline and there will not be any recordings saved.

For the LNWCM23X WiFi camera model, you cannot use a 5.0Ghz network. An exception for the newest models W28AA they do support 2.4 and 5.0Ghz networks, make sure to place the camera far from other electronic devices since they may cause signal interference.

Audio Feature 

The WiFi cameras include a built-in microphone and speaker, which means you can speak and listen through the Lorex Home app, to enable the audio feature you must tap on the live view of the camera to get the microphone and speaker icon.

Lorex HD Wifi Security Camera

Smart Motion Detection

All the WIFI cameras have the power to detect the difference between a person/vehicle for motion. From the device settings section, you can set up the feature from the Smart Zone option. Besides, you can modify area and sensitivity to have a great detection configuration for the camera.

Besides the Smart motion detection, you can set up standard motion for the cameras. This configuration will show a notification of any detected event.

Lorex HD Wifi Security Camera

Warning Light 

Some models include a warning light that can be enabled to drive out intruders from your property.

To enable the warning light tap to open the device setting option and then select detection settings to get the warning light option for the camera. The motion events will activate the warning light to avoid intruders from your property.

Lorex HD Wifi Security Camera

Device Sharing 

For the Lorex Home app, you must have a Lorex account to get access to your camera. However, if you want to have access to your camera from two different phones, you must create a secondary Lorex account and share the device with that account. From the main account tap on the device settings section, select the share device option, tap on add user and then type the secondary account.

Lorex HD Wifi Security Camera


Same as the security systems, the WiFi cameras will work similarly on the playback mode open playback mode from the timeline section visible from the live view of the cameras.

Snapshots and manual recordings will work for the WiFi cameras, by tapping on the camera and video recorder icon.

Get the saved snapshots from the snapshots and manual recordings file, located on the account tab.

Lorex HD Wifi Security Camera

Night Vision

Make sure to place the camera in an illuminated area to have a better performance for the night vision mode.

Advertising: There are not PC Softwares compatible with the WiFi cameras, the only way to make changes and see them live view of the cameras, will be with the Lorex Home app.

WiFi Camera Models

The W261AQC is a PT Wi-Fi camera, this means, the camera will move sideways with digital zoom. The W261AQC is programmed to follow objects that produce motion with a 135° diagonal field of view.

You can manually use the PT controls from the live view of the camera, by tapping on the control icon located at the bottom of the control bar.

This new Lorex camera includes a privacy zone mode to disable the recordings notifications and remote viewing.

The included SD card has 16Gb capacity that you can upgrade up to 256GB. The SD will be at the back of the camera, move the camera unit you can see the slot to remove the SD card. From the back, you will have an SD slot, USB power connector, reset button, speaker, and a LAN port.

The W261AQC can be connected directly to an NVR with an Ethernet cord, use the LAN port at the back of it and enjoy the live view of your camera on most of the Lorex NVRs.

For the W261ASC model, there are not so many different features from the rest, the difference from the other models is the exclusive design, you can attach this camera on metal walls with the magnetos that are located at the bottom of the camera.

This camera will not work on a 5.0 GHz network, and there are not deterrence lights included.

Two-way audio and 1080 p resolution are some of the features this camera provides.

The model W281AA is one of the first WiFi cameras Lorex released, this camera has smart motion detection, deterrence light, two-way audio, and much more. The W281AA camera has a great design, and you can install it on high walls.

However, it has a great design the smart motion detection has many issues for this model the push notifications don’t work properly, and it has connectivity problems.

Lorex has been working on the connectivity issues by releasing the firmware version:

2.680.00LR000.6.R.20200102 for Canada

2.680.00LR000.5.R.20200102 for US

If your camera is not on the current version, the connectivity, push notifications, and smart motion detection issues will not be fixed.

This model works on networks of 2.4 and 5.0 GHz. Try to avoid placing the camera near to electronic devices.

I will not recommend this camera because of the connectivity issues.

The LNWCM23 model is the first WiFi camera Lorex released to the market. This camera has most of the features except for the PT control.

The camera will work on the 2.4Ghz network, and the signal range for the camera is great motion detection, and push notifications works fine, but the initial set up process for the camera most of the time goes offline.

When the camera shows offline during the setup process, you must reset the camera and start all over again.


Having a Wi-Fi camera for an indoor area is a great deal, but the importance of having a high speed can be a problem for most of the customers.

The issues for the initial set up on most of the models makes me rate this product with a 7 out of 10. If you are planning to get a Wi-Fi camera I recommend the model W261AQC, this model will let you enjoy a great connection, performance, and excellent video quality.

The model W261AQC deserves a rate of 8.5 different from the rest models that I will not recommend to anyone.

That would be all for this article, I hope that I provide enough information and I was clear with the most relevant details about how the Wi-Fi cameras work. If you have any questions or would like to add something to this review, feel free to leave a comment below so we can discuss it. You can get any Wi-Fi model through my Amazon affiliate link, it won’t cost you more and I may earn a commission if you do so.

I will leave a link below in case you would like one of the Lorex systems I recommend for your home.

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