For the last years, Lorex has been working on different technologies for their types of equipment, as we can see on the cameras and video recorders, new tools, and features are programmed on the devices to provide new experiences. Today, they have the Lorex home app, and I will give you in this article all the information you need about it.

That said, the importance of having a security system is to provide peace by securing your property, and one of the best ways to improve that sense of peace is by monitoring your cameras from a remote location.

As a complement for local monitoring of your cameras using a TV or monitor you can use your phone with a mobile app according to the model number of your video recorder, the way to take advantage of the phone apps is by connecting the system to the internet.

To connect the Lorex recording to the internet, you should have an ethernet cable running from the back of the recorder to a router. Having internet on your system will let you view remotely your cameras and check for future upgrades on the system.

The internet speed required to run the cameras on the phone is 2.5Mbps per camera if you don’t have enough upload speed the cameras won’t show up.

Advertising: Most of the new Lorex cameras and systems are 4K video. However, the quality on the phone will run as sub-stream, which means a lower resolution than on the main screen.

How Is The Lorex Home App?

The quality and performance of the Lorex app you have on your phone will depend on how your internet speed is, playback and live view speed will run well if your internet connection is stable.

Try not to use safe battery or airplane mode while using the app this may cause several issues when displaying the cameras.

As a final requirement for a successful remote connection, remember to keep your system always upgrade on the latest firmware version, without having system upgrade no connection will show up for the cameras on the app.

The Lorex Home is a phone app produced by Lorex under the management of Dahua technology. After Dahua purchases the Lorex company, we can see an improvement in mobile apps.

Lorex Cloud is one of the best examples where we can compare it with the old Flir Cloud produced by Flir technologies. The performance and video quality of the new apps are incredible.

If you want to compare features between the latest apps, you can use the Lorex Cloud app article as a reference.

Lorex Home is an app compatible with the newest Lorex devices you can see in the following picture.

Lorex Home App

This Lorex app will let you do specific things and configurations that you cannot on different apps. The Lorex Home request to create an account that provides unique access to the cameras different than the Lorex Cloud, where you can see your device just by downloading the app.

You can create the Lorex account from the Lorex website or the Lorex Home app you can use your email address and password then a verification code will show up on your email to validate the account information.

To create the account from the Lorex website, you must go to select the option CREATE ACCOUNT and type in your information.

Lorex Home App

Creating the account from the Home app is easy too, tap on SIGN UP, select your country, type your information, and then open the activation code on your email to validate your account.

The Lorex account information is for Lorex Home app and the Lorex website, don’t use your Lorex account password to log in on your system it will not work.

Having a Lorex account to log in on the Home app will secure your camera’s privacy, not everyone who has the password of your recorder will access to your cameras.

The only way to remotely access your system from a different phone is by sharing your device with the main account to a separate Lorex Home account.

Keep reading the features guide to know how to share your device with different Lorex accounts.

Remember: The password for your device is different from the account password, you need to create the password for your device directly from the recorder, and it has to be eight or more characters long.

The new Lorex app is compatible with android, apple devices, and it is free to download.

Download the Lorex Home app for your phone with the following links.




Lorex Home App

Smart Motion Detection.

The Smart Motion Detection feature allows you to get notifications for a person or vehicle events different from the standard motion detection feature the smart motion will specify which object is triggering the detection alert.

You must set up Smart motion separately from standard motion detection as both are different features, you can make the changes directly from the system or by using the Lorex Home app.

Using the system to set up the motion feature, you must open the main menu, click on ALARM, select motion, and proceed through the motion setup, then click on SMART MOTION DETECTION and enable the feature.

On the SMAR MOTION DETECTION panel, select the option person or vehicle, and configure the sensitivity.

Lorex Home App

To view the events for smart motion from the main menu select ALARM, and then SMART SEARCH. A search menu will display, giving you the option to search all the detected events.

Lorex Home App

Select the channel, start time and end time you want to playback, and click on the playback icon to run the recording.

Live View Tools

Lorex Home App

With the live view of Lorex home, you can only display the first eight cameras of your system.

The live view feature has multiple selections that allow you to interact with cameras. You can activate the siren, audio, microphone, warning light, and so many other controls that make this app incredible.

The warning light is a feature you can activate to avoid intruder into your property at any time you want by tapping on the icon number 9. Some of the cameras will have this feature, and you can modify the light to trigger as strobe or continuous.

Two-way audio is one of my favorite tools for the Lorex home app. It will let you interact with anyone who is in front of your cameras. Activate the feature by tapping on the icon number 6 and enjoy one of the best features of the app.

The Siren feature is useful to inform anyone trying to cross the line. Activate it will the icon number 8 and try to use it in particular situations as it is loud and annoying.

Video quality is a feature you can modify by tapping on the icon number 13 you can select between an HD or SD quality where SD is a lower resolution. Remember that running your cameras on high quality will consume more internet speed, try to use high quality on wifi networks.

PTZ control will show up as the icon number 10, and it will work only for PTZ cameras, this is a remote control that allows you to move and zoom the camera. The delay and speed for the movements will depend on the internet speed you have, try to learn how to use the PTZ controls before you play with them.

Sometimes it happens that you are looking at your cameras, and something unusual happens, to save the events you must tap on the icon 5 for a snapshot or 7 for manual recording.

All the saved events will be store on the snapshots and manual recordings section that you can get by tapping on the account icon.

The saved snapshots and manual recording can be export to WhatsApp or other apps only on apple devices.

Device Settings

To make changes on the cameras and system for recording configurations and some other more, you need to open the device settings section, go to devices at the icon on the bottom, and tap on the gear icon at the top of your device.

A large number of options will show up for device settings. You can modify configurations for the type of recordings, camera, and system.

Lorex Home App

You can check the primary information for your device if you are looking for the device ID, model number, device name, and password.

Modify the configurations for the notifications feature. You can enable which camera will send notifications to your phone.

Select the area for your smart motion detection.

Enable/Disable motion and person/vehicle detection, select if you want to activate alerts for a person or vehicle detection.

The white light option is only available for wifi camera. It is to set up the brightness for the warning light.

The night vision option is only available for wifi cameras. Enable/Disable IR night vision, switch over to color or black and white. If you disable night vision, you require some ambient light to ensure that color recordings are recording.

If you have cameras installed upside-down, modify the image rotation for 180 degrees recordings.


Lorex Home App

Whenever you have issues adding your device on your account, check the firmware version and internet connection for your system. Try to do a factory default for your device an on the setup wizard select the network setup option.

Compare the quality of the Lorex Home app with the Lorex Cirrus app, review all the features and content for Cirrus on the link below.

I hope I provide the necessary information about the Lorex Home app. It is good to know the characteristics, features, and how they work. Now that you have a better idea on how to use the app try to use it as best as you can, for concern and questions don’t hesitate to send us a message.

I will leave a link below if you want to check devices compatibles with the Lorex Home app.

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  1. Although somewhat helpful, I need a detailed manual that explains each function and exactly how they work. I have a few issues with my camera and I do not want to make multiple adjustments at the same time but trying to single out the effects of each one is difficult.

    If you know where I van get a very detailed manual for the camera (W261AS) or the home application please let me know.
    Thank you

      1. How do you zoom on the iphone app for Lorex ptz 4K camera. I can control the movement but cannot zoom. When using the two finger method on screen on iPhone the camera lense does zoom. It only zooms digitally not optically.

        1. Hello Matthew,

          Thank you for contacting us.

          In this case, is better to get in contact directly with
          Phone number (8884256739)

          Andy A
          Lorex Specialist

  2. Does selecting continuous recording under local storage on the iPhone Lorex App record to your iPhone SD card?

    Our cameras won’t continuously record to the hard drive on the main recorder if we set the local storage for continuously record to off.

    1. Hello Jean,

      Thank you for reaching out to us.

      May I please know the model number of your system?

  3. Lorex secure app is i can say best for your secure camera updates, lorex app offers you to monitor and play back and fourth without any issues, you can also detect motion captures, get notifications while watching live and save it and screenshot easily best part is by using settings you can adjust your resolutions, screen size
    overall is a best option to get secure camera updates from monitoring over any device
    it is coming in 3 modes of apps like
    lorex cirrus
    lorex cloud
    lorex home
    for more assistance :

  4. I just setup my Lorex LHA 2000/LHA4000 security system. The cameras are LAB243s-c cameras. I downloaded the Lorex home App on my iPhone. When I tried to setup my cameras and I scan the QR code, it says it can’t find my device. Can you help?

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