Lorex NVR – The LNR6100 Review

Product: LNR6100 NVR

Price: $915.00

Best place to buy: Amazon.com

My ranking: 8 out of 10

Getting to know about the differences between models for the Lorex NVR systems is very important, not all the models will work with the same cameras, and the same features.

The NVR video recorders are the best offer from the Lorex company since they work with IP cameras, they are easy to install, and no problems will show up at the time of controlling them.

An NVR video recorder is a device that records videos through Power over Ethernet cables. There are Cat5, Cat5e, and Cat6 cables, and they work with a single line that sends video and power for the camera at the same time.

Get to know more about Power over Ethernet cables on the link below.

How PoE works

The easy installation and excellent performance for the NVR video recorders are some of the fabulous experiences you will have with these types of systems. You can manage your cameras individually by using a computer.

An NVR video recorder works with IP cameras, which means you can access through the IP address of the camera using a browser and take control of the features.

An IP address looks like and may change according to your router, the default Ip address for your NVR is

If you purchase a DVR video recorder, you cannot access the live view of the cameras through a browser since the digital cameras compatibles with the DVR systems don’t have an IP address.

It is a great advantage having an NVR since you can connect a maximum of 32 cameras depending on the model and connect different brand cameras that will work on your system. However, remember that Lorex will not support different brand products.

If you are thinking of purchasing a 32 channels NVR, click on the link below.

Get the NVR 32 Channel system

Before we learn about the LNR6100 series NVR, I recommend reviewing the N841 and N881 articles. They will offer new features since they are new models.

Lorex LNR6100

Lorex NVR

The LNR6100 model is a 4K NVR that supports eight cameras. This NVR supports 2K, 4K, and 1080p or lower resolution cameras.

It comes with purple label surveillance hard drive of 2TB that you can expand up to 8TB. Take a look at the different prices for hard drives on the link below.

Western Digital Purple HDD

The LNR600 NVR is compatible with the smartphone app Lorex Cloud. You can view or modify configurations for your cameras by using the app, and very easy to download.

Download the app for:

Android: Google Play

Apple: App Store

The LNR6100 is capable of saving continuous and motion recordings, and you can view them from the playback section of your device or phone app.

The maximum recording capacity will depend on the number of cameras you have, quality, and type of recording. Check how many recording time you will have on the link below.


The bundle set for the LNR6100 NVR will include an HDMI, ethernet, and power cord.

HDMI: You can use a TV screen or regular monitor to display the image by using the HDMI cable.

Power Cord: An included Power cord of DC48V/2A.

Ethernet Cable: Standard Cat5e ethernet cable comes in the box.

Extra accessories or cameras can be purchase separately, or you can get the whole set by purchasing the bundle LNR610824KB, which includes four LNB005 IP cameras, and power over ethernet cables.

Look at the LNR610824KB bundle on the link below:

Lorex LNR6108 system


The interface for the LNR6100 is simple to use by doing a right-click and selecting Main Menu you will get a quick menu with some icons.

Lorex NVR

Playback: open the search for playback recordings for the past days, you must select the date and channel, then click on the play icon to start the playback.

Backup: if you need to save some recordings on your computer you can do it from the backup section, you must select date and channel, then click on start to begging the backup, you must insert a USB to save the recordings.

Camera: the gear icon will let you modify the camera settings, recording configurations, and channel name.

Info: it will display the information screen for your system.

Setting: you can configure system settings, schedule, network, recording, motion settings, and display. You can perform a factory default using the setting icon.

Shutdown: you can reboot, lo out, and turn off the device under the shutdown icon.

Check Status for Cameras

Lorex NVR

If you click on the Gear icon and select Remote Device, you will get a tab where the cameras will show up with a color.

Green: means the camera status is online

Red: means the camera is offline and having issues. If you have this status, try reconnecting back the camera or perform a default to the camera.

When a camera has a red status is because it has an error message of invalid username or password, cannot find network host, or log in time out.

Invalid Username or Password: will show up when the system is not taking the password of the camera, and it can happen when you change the system password or disconnect cameras from the device.

You can disconnect and reconnect the cameras, press the reset button, or access the IP address of the camera to perform a default. The default password for the camera will be admin.

Remember to type the IP of the camera using a computer connected to the same network as the NVR, try to use internet explorer, since it is compatible with the camera plugins.

After having access to the IP of the camera, click on general, and then on default. The camera will reboot and establish back the connection with the NVR.

Cannot find network Host: this error message will show when the camera is not connecting with the NVR, this happens when the IP for the camera is different than the IP of the NVR. Example: the NVR IP is, but the camera IP is The IP for the camera should be 192.168.1. (1-254).

You can solve this issue if you default the camera or change the protocol, access the IP of the NVR from a browser, open settings, then remote devices, and click on modify for the camera you wish to change the protocol.

You can select PRIVATE or ONVIf for the protocol, try admin, or your system password. If you still have issues, try different ethernet cable and port at the back of NVR. Contact Lorex technical support after trying these steps.

Login Time Out: this error happens when the camera is taking long to connect with the NVR, this may happen if your system is not receiving enough power or the cable for the camera is not working fine. Try different ethernet cable for the camera or NVR port.

Warning Alarms

Lorex NVR

This LNR6100 model has warning alarms that let you know when something is happening on your system:

Video Loss: the system will let you know when you lost image for any camera. Check the physical connection for your camera and test different cables.

No Disk, Disk Error, and Full Disk: these warnings will let you know what is going on with your hard drive. Reboot your system, try different power adapter or power source, and format the hard drive if possible. Contact Lorex technical support if having the same issue.

Net Disconnection, IP Conflict, and MAC Conflict: will let you know if the system is having issues for the network configurations. Disconnect the ethernet cable, try a different cable or port on the router. Try to perform Factory default the system if having the same issue contact Lorex technical support.

Remote Access

Lorex Cloud App

You have the opportunity to manage your cameras for the LNR6100 series with Lorex Cloud.

There are some models for the LNR6100 series.

Models and Firmwares:

LNR608: 00164








Make sure your system is on the latest firmware version by opening the info screen. Then you can download the Lorex Cloud app to add your device.

Take a look at the Lorex Cloud article to learn more about the app:

Lorex Cloud App – The New and Unique Lorex Application

You can download the versions from Lorex Wiki

get the file on a USB thumb drive and connect it on the NVR, click on firmware upgrade, select the file and click start.

Add your device on the Lorex Cloud app by tapping on the device manager, the plus icon, select DVR/NVR IP CAMERA, and then type your system information.

Lorex NVR

Using the mobile app, you can allow notifications to inform that events are happening on your cameras, enable the feature from the menu on the option PUSH CONFIG then tap on your device until you see a green switch.

You can control the recording type, playback, and the live view of your cameras from the app.


In the LNR6100X series, you can have up to 32 channel NVR systems, it is compatible with many network plugins, and it will have a reset button on the inside to force a factory default.

I will recommend thinking about getting an LNR61008X series, which is better than the LNR6100.

As we can review, an LNR6100 NVR is a network video recorder that will provide a high resolution and performance. This NVR is more than perfect for any home or office. The easy installation for its cameras will let you take care of saving money paying for installers.

If you have the opportunity of getting an LNR6100 NVR, you will notice the high speed for the cameras on the Lorex cloud app. The greatness of the features included on the interface makes this NVR one of the best.

I will rate this device with an 8 out of 10 as there are other network video recorders with better and new features. If you think an LNR6100 is not what you are looking for, click on the link below to check the latest models for the Lorex devices.


That would be all for this article, I hope that I provide enough information and I was clear with the most relevant details about the LNR6100. If you have any questions or would like to add something to this review, feel free to leave a comment below so we can discuss it.

You can get the LNR6100 Lorex NVR through my Amazon affiliate link, it won’t cost you more and I may earn a commission if you do so.



12 Responses

  1. What a great post and well researched.  In this day and age surveillance cameras can put a lot of people at ease.  I like the LNR6100 because of the ease of setting up the remote access so I can check on things while I am not there right on my phone, and the price for the quality is still very good.  A surveillance camera is not something you want to have to worry about. 

  2. Wow, this is just as perfect as anyone can imagine and I love every bit of it and how it works is really mind blowing I must admit. I have had a couple of security cameras installed around my apartment and although it’s been working well something about this product is really enticing. It’s nice to see it can work with a phone and you have an app that can be connected to it. Does it save to the cloud or it’s just a name?

    1. Hi Justin!

      Thanks for the comment. To answer your question, it is just the name of the app, they do not offer cloud services anymore.

  3. Thank you for this complete review. Having a camera system as home is now necessary for me. I have experienced robbery few times from where I come from, and I feel more secured to have this kind of system. I really like the fact that we can have a live streaming of the camera with the application. I will be moving to another city for my job and I will really think of this model for my new home. Thank you for sharing!

  4. what happens if i have forgotten the password? I was not the one who purchased the system 1st. I guess i am the second owner. Is there a physical reset button to hold down to get it back to factory settings?

    1. If the system that you have is the model LNR6108X you have a reset button on the inside of it , you must unscrew 4 screws at the back of the system to remove the case , on the inside there should be a black reset button that you must press and hold it until the system does a beep, after that, the system will boot up asking for a new password . If you don’t want to open the system you can contact Lorex for a password reset, they will request the device ID and date showing on the cameras , they will give you a temporary password and guide you how to change it. Best luck !

  5. Hi there, we have this NVR and am wondering if it works with Fusion. I have tested the Home App (the cloud app is working fine) but it will not connect to the NVR. This NVR is not in the list to work with Fusion but just wanted to ask. Actually the primary reason I ask is for the new doorbell camera, wondering if it will work with this NVR and the Cloud app. Thanks in advance!

    1. Only the systems compatible with Lorex home will work with the fusion feature.

      However, you can provide me with the model number of your system so we can verify if it would work with the fusion feature and a new firmware update.

      Andy A
      Lorex Review Support

  6. Why does my reply keep getting deleted? I lose all video from all cameras on my lnr6108x when the internet connection drops. I would think that video would still record from the cameras to the nvr even without an internet connection. The only way to get video back is to reboot the nvr. Is there a way to fix this? Very annoying!

    1. Hello JP,

      Sorry for my late response

      By any change do you have a monitor and a mouse connected to the NVR?

      Andy A
      Lorex Specialist

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