Lorex Security Camera System – The N881 NVR is Here

Product: N881 NVR 16 channels.

Price: $1,614.95

Best place to buy: Amazon.com

My ranking: 9.5 out of 10


  • Lorex Cloud App Compatibility 
  • 20TB Max Hard Drive Space
  • 4k Video Quality 
  • Easy To Set Up 
  • Excellent Remote Connectivity
  • 16-32 Channels For IP Cameras


  • Network Connection problems On Cameras

In the previous articles, we can see how Lorex is growing up on 4K devices which is good news for all of us. Before moving forward on to learn about the N881 NVR series, you can also take a look at my previous reviews about the Lorex D841 and the Lorex N841 systems.



That said, the new N881 NVR is one of the best network video recorders Lorex has released to the market. This NVR will have features that you cannot find on other models. Besides, this new system will not only be of high quality, but big storage capacity and great remote connection are also extra features that will bring this system to the top list.

When looking at the previous system like the N841 NVR, we can see it is a top-quality recorder. However, going through the components and special characteristics, we can notice the superiority of the N881.

Which are the Special Features of the N881 that Make it the Best Lorex NVR?

Lorex Security Camera System

For this system, you don’t need to worry about storage capacity. The 20TB hard drive space will let you save months of playback time, different from the other models, motion and continuous recording won’t be a nightmare, you can feel free to set up your recording mode without thinking on your hard drive space.

This system works with IP connection for the camera, if you would like to know more about how an IP camera works, you can click on the link below.

IP Cameras

The N881 NVR will work with a 4K Ultra HD resolution for the display and cameras. The real-time streaming of 30 (Frames per second) will let you appreciate any detail for the recordings, long set up process and hard configurations will not show up through the setup process for this recorder.

Besides that, the internet connection will not be necessary to run up the initial set up. The internal configuration of this NVR will let you enjoy the system, with or without an internet connection. However, a network connection is necessary to run the remote access.

When reviewing the specifications for the N881, I notice Lorex prepared an auto-recovery mode after power failures. That means you don’t need to worry about problems after a power outage, there’s nothing better for you than skipping troubleshooting process for power.

Excellent news for those customers that love to have audio for the cameras, this system support audio coming from any channel, it is not necessary to install extra accessories to get audio.

Lorex Security Camera System

The multiple ports at the back of the N881 NVR have the advantage to install multiple cameras for our property, on the N881 series there are three options, on the following picture we can appreciate multiple channels and hard drive space.

Lorex Security Camera System

Compatible Cameras

Lorex Security Camera System

This NVR is compatible with a full range of IP cameras there is no limitation while thinking on getting a camera that will work on the N881, deterrence, two-way audio, PTZ, dome and bullet cameras are some of the designs that will work for you.

Click here to get the compatibility chart for the IP cameras with the N881 NVR.

Lorex Cloud Compatibility 

Lorex Cloud is the perfect app and software for this NVR. The greatness of the cloud performance and the excellent quality of the N881 is a good combination when looking at a remote connection, the cloud widgets will fit perfect with the N881 settings.

If you want to get high speed on the cloud app, I will recommend having mobile data with good upload speed, in that way you can run all of your cameras at the same time without having any delay or video distortion. Keep in mind that each camera will require an upload speed of 2.5 Mbps, not having enough upload connection per camera will freeze the connectivity with your remote access.

Click here to learn more about the Lorex Cloud app and get to know how to add your device with the setup guideline.

Lorex Cloud App – The New and Unique Lorex Application

The Lorex Cloud app will let you set up motion, deterrence, alarms, notifications, and audio features. Adding to this remote connectivity, I will say that the push notifications work perfectly for this device, the firmware version for the N881 has improvements on the server connections, this will provide a better experience and performance for the Cloud settings.

Lorex Cloud Client Software 

Lorex Cloud App

The N881 will work on any window and MAC computer with the latest Lorex Cloud Client software, on this software you can manage most of the configurations and settings for the recorder, you will feel this incredible software as if it is the interface of your NVR.

The software will work out of the network unless you disconnect the NVR from the internet.

Get the Lorex Cloud Client Software from the following link. https://lorexreview.com/lorex-software/

The software for MAC devices is a BETA version, Lorex is still working on improving the performance for Mac devices.

For MAC owners, apple company is one of the greatest technology performers. However, the constant upgrades on the operative system for apple devices may cause compatibility issues with the Lorex software.

When Apple upgrade any version for MAC, Lorex usually takes between one to 5 months to release a software compatible with the new MAC version.

How to Do The Initial Setup (Set-Up Wizard)

During the initial set up for the system, there are no hard steps to follow the N881 is programmed with a click initial setup configuration, all you need to know is the default password which is 00000000. After the password setup, the system will guide you through the initial setup process by doing the set up for date and time, recording and local or network setup.

After finishing the initial set up, I recommend add the NVR on the Lorex Cloud app, this will immediately test your network connectivity by showing an online status for your device. If you have any issue connecting the phone app check the ethernet cable.

The Remote connectivity status can be a check on the P2P setting.

From the Live view click on Main Menu, Select Lorex Security Camera System the icon, then click NETWORK and go to the option P2P.

Lorex Security Camera System

If the status shows up as offline means the NVR is not being recognized by the Lorex server, in this case, you must perform a factory default to refresh the connection for the Lorex service.


When it comes to issues related to the N881 NVR, there are not many problems with the system, but the cameras will be different.

The connection between the cameras and the NVR works because of an IP address this process is done on the inside of the system by the PoE switch of the recorder, the job of the PoE is to assign a combination of numbers to each camera.

The IP address of a camera will be something like this number will be an identification code between the camera and the NVR when you see an error message of invalid username or password, cannot find network host or network connection time out can be related to the IP address of the camera.

A default on the cameras will resolve the issue.

Most of the questions related to this system will be regarding how to set up some of the features such as e-mail notification, DDNS, and resolution changes that can be set up with the Lorex guide manual for the N881.



Lorex Security Camera System

Any N881 owner will enjoy great experiences with this security system, no hard process or difficult setups will show up during the manage, this device will keep you confident about the security of your home.

If you are planning to install an N881 at your office, it will do a great job because of the excellent recording capacity. The audio feature and deterrence option will let you enjoy unique experiences, no cloud fees will be charged, and excellent prices you will pay for this amazing video recorder.

The excellent remote connection for this system will convince you of the greatness of the N881.

My rate of 9.5 out of 10 reflects the reliable performance of the recorder, a top-quality system such as the N881 deserves to keep space at your home, don’t think twice on having this device charge of your protection, all the experience I had with the system was very positive and I will recommend this model to anyone thinking on getting a good NVR video recorder.

That would be all for this article, I hope that I provide enough information and I was clear with the most relevant details about how the N881 works. If you have any questions or would like to add something to this review, feel free to leave a comment below so we can discuss it. You can get the N881 Lorex NVR through my Amazon affiliate link, it won’t cost you more and I may earn a commission if you do so.


I will leave a link below in case you would like one of the Lorex systems I recommend for your home.



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  1. I work in a store and know what it means to have good security. Cameras help, yes. And they are an essential part of any facility. You have explained well how to set up the N881, and I believe that because of this, people will be better aware of what they are buying, whether there are any issues with the camera and the like. My question is if you were to decide on your own patronage of a hypothetical store, which cameras would you install?

    Thank you and have a great day!


  2. hey, its great to know about the large storage capacity this product has.This is stress relieving as recording with a low storage is frustrating at times.Its also nice to know that i don’t need to have internet to do the initial set up.The auto recovery feature is also a very important one.I would prefer it especially because it has an excellent audio capacity and a remote which makes it even more comfortable and easy to control. I will look more into this product as its an interesting one for me and i believe for others too.

  3. your article is interesting as it helped me know which of the NVR cameras i can go for which is the N881 cameras which has one of the best network video recorder, of great quality, has features that cannot be found in other models with a hard drive space of 20TH, and its speed its speed is 2.5 Mbps and with your rate of 9.5 out of 10. thanks so much for sharing

    1. I am glad the provided information helps you selecting the best NVR and IP camera. If you need further assistance, remember to send us an e-mail, I will be happy to help you with any concern you may possibly have.

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