Lorex Security Cameras – The Lorex BNC

Lorex Security Cameras

In this article, you will know about the Lorex security cameras, specifically the BNC ones. These types of cameras are the ones that work on the digital video recorders (DVR) and the principal feature of these cameras is the type of connection they use to send the video image to the DVR.

These cameras are known as MPX cameras that work with Siamese (RG59) which has two ends; one will be for analog video and the other for power.

The video end has to be connected directly to the DVR on a channel output, and the power end will go to an adapter that comes on the bundle. When installing these cameras, I recommend testing the cameras before mounting them.

The video cable of the RG59 has a solid yellow color for standard resolution, and blue for a high quality of 4K. The power cord will be a solid red color coming from the camera, and on the power adapter, you will see a black male connector that goes directly connected to the female red end of the RG59 power cord.

You can check out my article about the Lorex D841, so you can understand better how those cameras work on a DVR.


Lorex Security CamerasLorex Security CamerasLorex Security Cameras

It is important to know that there are three types of power adapters for the BNC cameras, an individual power adapter, a 4-in-1 splitter or an 8-in-1 splitter. The type of adapter will depend on the number of cameras you have and the place where you install them.

The 4-in-1 splitter is an accessory of 12V 2A that will share the power to 4 cameras with only one power supply. The 8-in-1 with 12V 2.5A will provide power to eight cameras, and the individual adapter will have a power specification of 12V 1.0A per camera.

That said, it is recommendable to check what comes on the box with the system because usually, the bundle comes with 16 power adapters for each camera, which will be a mess of wires connected to your location. What I recommend is to get the 8 in 1 adapter for the cameras, so you will have an easy and simple one to connect all your BNC cameras.

For the BNC cameras, I recommend you have them connected directly to a power outlet try to avoid different power sources such as surge protectors or battery backups. It is important to know that Lorex technical support will request to have the cameras into a power outlet to troubleshoot because they don’t support connections on any other power source.

If you are thinking of getting a BNC camera is important to know different kind of models that Lorex has such as the dome, bullet, PTZ, and wireless models. We will analyze some of them to know about their differences and features.

You can understand better the MPX or BNC cameras by checking the link below.


What is a PTZ Camera?

Lorex Security Cameras

A PTZ (pan-tilt-zoom) is a digital camera with movement where you can set a preset or tour configurations that will make the camera move in any direction.

Depending on the model of your PTZ camera you will be able to enjoy features such as audio recording, color night vision, optical zoom, etc.

Click here to get the LNE8974BW 4K PTZ dome camera whit optical zoom, color night vision and audio recording.

What are Dome and Bullet Cameras?

Lorex Security CamerasLorex Security Cameras

The main difference between this kind of camera will be the design. According to their name, a bullet camera has a design that will point to a specific place without doing any movement different from the dome camera.

The dome cameras will have PTZ features, and depending on the model, they will have optical zoom and night vision. The bullet and the dome cameras have motion detection. Besides that, some models come with a microphone that will allow you to record audio on your videos.

What is a Wireless Camera?

Lorex Security Cameras

The wireless cameras send the signal by antennas. They will work with an independent receiver which will take the connection from the camera and transmit it into the DVR or the recorder.

Those wireless systems transmit data on 2.4 GHz frequency the same as the wifi connection. However, the wifi connection uses a different type of antenna than the wireless cameras.

 Click here to learn more about wireless cameras

BNC video Quality

Lorex Security CamerasLorex Security CamerasLorex Security Cameras


Lorex has different types of resolutions for its BNC cameras, 2K, 4K 1080p, and lower resolution will depend on the model of the camera.

How to install a BNC camera Video

Safe Design

The incredible design of the Lorex cameras is weather resistant with a high IP66 weather rate. In that case, you can feel free to install these cameras anywhere around your house. However, I always recommend placing the cameras under a shelter, in that way you will have them protected from the rain and the heat. If you do so that will extend the durability and quality of the image.

On the Dome design, you will have extra protection against the vandals, these cameras will have a protecting glass and special materials on the mounting kit. They will make the camera more resistant from any vandal that pretends to break into your property.

Something you need to know about the Lorex cameras is that you can get them on two different colors for any model, you can purchase cameras on white or black color, this color variation allows you to make the cameras hard to detect, the mountain kit will be the same color as the camera and the price will not be reflected by the color.

Any feature set up must be performed directly from the system. However, features like motion detection, buzzer or push notifications can be set up from the mobile app. Besides that, you can enable your phone to allow the Lorex app to send notifications every time the camera detects motion events.

How to Set up Motion Detection on a DVR on the Latest Models.

To open the Motion detection option, you will need to do a right-click from the live view to select the main menu, select the option ALARM click on MOTION and then MOTION DETECT at the top tab.

(Make sure that the selected channel is on the camera that you want to modify).

Lorex Security Cameras

1.Set up the motion with the sensitivity and threshold for the selected AREA.

Lorex Security Cameras

2. Modify the SCHEDULE by selecting the date and time for the motion detection.

Lorex Security Cameras

3. Select on Apply to save all the changes for the motion detection

Click here to learn about any setup process.

How to Change Camera Settings?

It is important to understand and learn how to modify the camera settings, this will allow you to make changes on the image for the cameras letting you enjoy a better recording quality.

To configure the recording settings:

1. From the live view, do a right-click to open the Quick Menu, then click Main Menu.

2. Click on CAMERA and then on the RECORDING tab on the side panel, then select RECORDING on the top panel.

Lorex Security Cameras

You will be able to modify any configuration on the camera, resolution, compression, frames per second, bit rate and you can enable the audio setting for the camera in case the camera includes audio source.

Remember to save any change you do at the camera by selecting the apply button on the bottom right corner.


When it comes to an issue for the BNC cameras, it can be annoying because most of the time the principal reason for any image problem will be either the power or video cable. The troubleshooting process will focus on swapping power and video cables between the working ones to detect where the problem is located.

When you have a BNC camera not showing up or blurry images, you must test the video and power cable first. It is really important to know how you have the cameras connected, in that way you don’t have problems trying to find the cable connections.

My best advice for BNC image problems is to try different power adapter or power cords, this will let you know immediately if the problem is the camera or the power supply. The best way to know if the adapter of the cameras is working will be by connecting that adapter on the back of the DVR itself. After that, if the system does not turn on, that means that the adapter for the cameras is damage and must be replaced.


There are many kinds of BNC cameras from different companies. However, based on my experience, I can tell you that the Lorex cameras are the better ones out there for its price and reliability. In this case, I always recommend checking information about the systems so you can select the best type of camera for you.

My rate of 9 is more than perfect and accurate for this type of video cameras, the hard way to install them is not a big problem, any installer can do the job for you, the importance of getting a security system is to have great quality video recordings reason why I will recommend you these types of cameras for your DVR.



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  1. Many thanks to you for sharing such an excellent article with us .Lorex security cameras are very nice to look at and use Lorex cameras.And the videos on this camera are great and watching the video quality seems to be quite live.And the sound quality of the video comes in very good because it sounds very good.will buy the Lorex D481 One for my younger brother and give it to my younger brother as a gift.And after using it I will share new experiences with you.

  2. Quite an interesting post here and I’m delighted you have shared this here. To be honest, the burglary rate here in my new apartment has been very alarming and I decided to get security camera that can help to detect whoever is involved in all these. Thank you. This lorex security cameras hare quite impressive and I would like to dedicate my money into buying something of these great quality.thanks

    1. Sure you will get the best quality for these types of cameras, trust the Lorex Products and with our guidelines, you will learn a lot. Best Regards!

  3. This website is absolutely phenomenal. I would absolutely consider purchasing from this website from the layout and visualization alone. Beautiful pictures, incredibly informative and educating. I would’ve never known about the majority of the information or tools required to operate or set up a security camera. This definitely seems like this is a product that your interested in and seem very passionate about. This website’s design is just stunning, it makes me want to take a course just to see how I can do the same. Wonderful work. 

    1. Thank you so much for your feedback, We will keep uploading more blogs about all the Lorex devices, We will share the best prices to all of you. Best Regards!

  4. Hello, Your guide on BNC cameras is very useful for everyone. As we know many kind of BNC cameras from different companies. In my views Lorex cameras are the better ones out there for its price and reliability. I currently using Lorex Cameras and in future I will use them due to its features. I rate 10/10. Thanks for lighting on Lorex security.

  5. Hi there,

    Thank you very much for sharing this informative article about Lorex Security Cameras with us. I have enjoyed it very much. Through the article, I got a lot of information. I’ve been thinking about buying a camera for a long time. I could not understand which camera would be lower priced and durable. Soon I will buy a Wireless Camera and share my experience with you. Really your article is helpful to me.

    Thanks again for the interesting and informative article. I will share your article on my social media. Others will benefit.

    1. If you are thinking about getting a security system, trust the Lorex ones they will let you enjoy the best quality and performance.  

  6. Your guide is very helpful for me. Now I know that The dome cameras will have PTZ features, and depending on the model, they will have optical zoom and night vision. The wireless cameras send the signal by antennas. They will work with an independent receiver which will take the connection from the camera and transmit it into the DVR or the recorder. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Liked your article – wish i’d had this to get introduced when I first did a security system.

    I’ve had the 960H and now the 4K Lorex MPX DVR’s and camera’s. One thing I’ve had a problem with 2 just newly bought LBV8721 4k camera’s with audio, is the quality of audio is real poor. I don’t know how to improve, and no settings to adjust? PS – I bought 2 of these camera’s explicitly to record my pool games – and though in playback I hear the balls knocking just fine (crisp but delayed sound), I can barely hear my voice played back and I was only 5-6 feet from camera… Ideas?


    1. Hi Desmond,

      In this case, Lorex needs to improve its quality when it comes to audio. You can play around with the audio compression under the recordings settings for your DVR.

      Let me know if it works.

  8. Hello, I have Series D861B 6 camera system. Love it until I changed the resolution to higher than my 1080p TV and rebooted as required by box. Now TV does not recognize the lorex box. Can’t get to any screen as HDMI connection does not recognize box. Installed on phones OK and working but can’t view on TV. Cycled power, unplugged all and still no luck. Is there an external reset on box. Please help, thank you.

    1. Hi Ak16rider,

      In this case, you have 3 options:

      1: Try getting a higher resolution monitor and then from the display settings you can lower the resolution back to 1080p

      2: Try connecting a VGA, that will lower the resolution for you to be able to change it later back to 1080p.

      3: ( The most difficult) connect the DVR to the internet and using a computer at the same network access to the IP address of the DVR, it will take you to the interface of the system. Access with (admin) and your password, then lower the resolution to 1080p

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