Lorex Technical Support – How do They Work?

The Lorex Technical support department is something most of the Lorex customers don’t like to deal with, hours on a phone call and frustrating conversations are some of the experience you can have by calling them.

Our purpose is not to judge the quality of the Lorex technicians, but we want to share some knowledge that can be very helpful for you. We will explain when to contact the technical support department and how their process works.

Any customer always hopes for a great product, no more than that one of the most important aspects when purchasing a technical device is the support provided by the company, quality is not just for the product, it is the whole set of customer care.

Before purchasing a product, you must search for reviews about the company, try to learn as much as you can about what your system will do and how you will get support for technical issues.

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Technical Support Team

Lorex Technical Support

The principal market for Lorex products is the United States, which means most of the customers speak English. However, the Lorex technical support department is in the Philippines and Colombia.

During the call with the Lorex technicians, you will notice they don’t have clear pronunciation, and some of them have issues guiding through the troubleshooting steps.

I can tell a phone call can be better if a Colombian agent answers, they have better pronunciation and product knowledge. However, not all of the agents share the same characteristics. I assure you that 60 percent of the agents will handle a great call with you.

You can reach the Technical support department by calling the 1-888-425-6739 extension number 2. The waiting time is decent, with no more than 5 minutes on hold before answering the call.

The procedure on a call for a technical support agent is composed by:

Opening: The agents must open the call with a short introduction of their name, department, and asking how they can help.

Account verification: The agents must check or create an account for you, they will ask your full name, e-mail address, and phone number.

Product information: They will request the system information such as the model number and device id, without having that information they will not further assist you until you get it.

Issue: The agents will listen to the problem that you have, and he will make proving questions to detect what is causing the issue. Try to be as precise as you can while explaining the issue. It will keep understanding and engagement during the troubleshooting steps.

Resolution: The agent must provide a solution for the problem unless the troubleshooting steps were not complete. At the end of the interaction, you will receive in your e-mail your case reference number and the status for it.

Types of Status

Lorex Technical Support

Hold waiting on the customer: This status will show up for cases that are waiting for a response from the customer, it is most common for replacements where the proof of purchase is needed.

Hold waiting on support: This status will show up on approved replacement or escalations, and the next steps will depend on Lorex departments.

Closed and solved: Any interaction that finishes without a replacement or escalation request will show up as Closed and resolved. You can reopen the case by calling again for the same reference case number.

Important information: Each interaction will be a different case number unless you contact for the same issue, you can reopen your case between a period of 2 days from the first interaction.

The Lorex company doesn’t work with installers or technicians. You must pay for those extra services with other companies like COSTCO or others, Lorex provides their technical support on phone calls,

However, if you learn enough about your system, you can get to the conclusion that it is not necessary to pay for additional assistance because the systems are easy to install and troubleshoot.

How to install a DVR: let’s take a look at how to install a DVR and NVR video recorder.

How to install a DVR system: 

How to install an NVR system:

As you can learn from the videos, it is not hard to install your system, but if you don’t feel comfortable doing it by yourself, contact a reliable installer from any home depot or Costco store.

Recommendations: If you contact any installer, tell him not to cut or create cable terminations it will void the warranty for possible future replacements, and make sure to establish your password for the device.

Do not share your password with the installer and make sure to write it down somewhere.

When to contact Lorex Technical Support?

Lorex Technical Support

You must call the technical support line if you can get to the conclusion that your Lorex system is not working well. Avoid contacting Lorex to ask for information about your device, cameras, or mobile app.

All the information you need is reachable from our site or the Lorex page, make sure to inform and check the Lorex website.

Contact Lorex technical support if you need a replacement. However, remember there are some procedures after approving them, so take your time and get ready to follow some steps from the agents.

For replacements, take pictures of your receipt, this will save time for you and for the agent at the time for the replacement request.

Password resets, firmware upgrades and issues related to networking are perfect reasons to contact Lorex technical support.

Warranty information

Lorex Technical Support

Lorex Technology offers a standard warranty for two years. The warranty will not cover issues produced by animals or natural disasters. Power outage issues or modified products will not be covered too.

You can pay for extended warranties, the maximum covered time by the warranty is of 5 years.

I always recommend purchasing Lorex products from Costco or Lorex website. If you buy your device at the Lorex website, the technical support department will have your information on file with the order number for your purchase, and you must provide this order number for a replacement request.

Any order number will start with an L following by numbers.

If you purchase your device at Costco, Lorex technical department will provide you special attention by having a Costco line for technical assistance. The replacement process will always be advanced, which means the new product will first be delivered to you before your return the defective one.

Look at the Extended Warranty board information:


Replacement Process

Lorex Technical Support

After finishing the troubleshooting steps, the Lorex agent will determinate if you need a replacement, he will request the information of the product they will replace and our proof of purchase and order number in case you purchase at Lorex website.

As soon as, you reply with the information they request, the status of your case will depend on the type of replacement, Lorex works with standard and advanced replacements.

Advanced: replacements are for customers under the first 60 days of purchase, Costco customers will always apply for this type unless they did not return any equipment from a previous replacement, and the status will be on hold waiting on support.

Standard: replacements are for customers out from the first 60 days of purchase, they need to return first the defective equipment with a shipping label provided by Lorex to get the replacement. The status for the Standard process will keep on hold waiting on a customer until Lorex receives the defective device.

Most of the replacement takes between seven to ten business days until they get delivered at the final destination.

Lorex Departments

Lorex Technical Support

The assistance you can get from the Lorex company is not just from the technical support team, Lorex has multiple departments where they provide diverse types of assistance.

Technical Support team: this department is composed of agents that assist with technical issues for the Lorex devices.

Replacement Department: they are in charge of check and approve the replacements for the customers.

Escalation Team: any issue not solved by the technical support department will pass through the second level of technical assistance, the escalation team will review any escalation request.

Customer Service Team: any missing order, refund, or information related to payments will pass through the customer service department. They review and provide the necessary information according to the issue to resolve it.

Sales Department: this team is on the front line, and their missing is to sell any product provided by Lorex.

Tier 2 level Department: they are the second department of technicians in charge of any approved escalation, they will call the customer and solve the issue for them.

Most of the departments except for Tier 2 will have a Spanish, English, and French line.

Each department has different procedures that will depend on the cooperation between the customer and the agent. I recommend contacting Lorex with no hurry and be patient at the time of following the procedures.

The departments have teams divided between agents and supervisors. There are some cases where a customer requests a supervisor because they don’t feel comfortable during the process with the agents, and they think a supervisor will provide a better resolution.

I don’t recommend to request a supervisor when you don’t feel comfortable with a resolution because the supervisor will give the same information as the agent.

It is good to request a supervisor to report any issue with an agent, report any inconvenience you have with the agents, the job of the supervisor is to be aware that the agents are doing well on the calls.

Do not request a supervisor to force replacements since there are no exceptions for any customer.

Department phone numbers:

Sales Department: 1-888-425-6739 option – 1

Technical support: 1-888-425-6739 option – 2

Customer Service: 1-888-425-6739 option – 3

Costco Customers: 1-888-425-6739 option – 4


Lorex Technical Support

When contacting any support department, make sure to have prepared the system information, try to provide clear and specific information. Be patient and take your time to follow the procedures.

If you don’t understand any procedure or information provided by the agent, let him know. Do not insult or use bad words because the agents can release the call after three warnings.

Learn as much as you can about your system from our blogs. Avoid contacting Lorex for unnecessary information you can get from our site.

That would be all for this article, I hope that I provide enough information and I was clear with the most relevant details about the technical support department. If you have any questions or would like to add something to this review, feel free to leave a comment below so we can discuss it.

I will leave a link below in case you would like one of the Lorex systems I recommend for your home.



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  1. Hello there thanks for sharing this wonderful and helpful article.having a CCTV  camera in a house or work place is very important in our day to day lives as it helps with security.lorex technical support is really helpful…when ever we have little technical problems it’s good to be patient and take our time to follow the procedures.

  2. I think this is the first site I’ve come across that displays a good outline regarding its tech support, something that many sites, especially established sites, tend to lack. Either that or they use virtual assistants that do absolutely nothing and you have to practically fight to talk to another human being, a huge issue I had just a couple weeks ago with PayPal.

    This outline gives customers exactly what they will expect any time they have an issue and must contact technical support. It also gives the support team an outline to follow as well, which should put the visitor in peace of mind rather than frantically search for the best ways to contact. 

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