Lorex Wireless Camera Systems – The Complete LHWF Wirefree Review

Product: LHWF1006T1 DVR

Price: $543.48

Best place to buy: Amazon.com

My ranking: 9.5 out of 10


  • Easy to install.
  • Excellent video footage.
  • Wire-free connectivity.
  • No monitor needed.
  • 1TB hard drive included. 


  • Signal interference for cameras.
  • Not the best weather resistance. 
  • Lorex Cirrus app compatibility.
  • Need to charge batteries for cameras. 
  • No PTZ cameras compatibility.

For the past years working with Lorex wireless camera systems, I can see there is some specific kind of video recorders that clients prefer. Most of the devices I install were the wire-free models.

There were hundreds of wire-free systems I install for clients, but I didn’t understand why they were so popular until I purchase one of them.

I purchase a DVR wire-free model LHWF1006T1 that comes with 6 LWB4801 cameras, this device multiple features that makes me understand why people love them.

I used to have an LHV2000 DVR that works fine for a couple of years, but now it is having some issues.

My LHV2000 DVR is not showing the cameras anymore, and it is not recording. I checked the cables, and I realized they quit working. After trying different cables, the cameras show the image, but the DVR was not recording.

It makes me mad because I spend money getting new cables, but my DVR stopped working. I decided to disconnect my system and offer the cameras trough Amazon.

I needed to purchase a new system because there was a guy near the neighborhood painting walls and breaking windows.

At that moment I was paying my bills, so I was out of money for a new system. I told my situation to a client, and he friendly offer me a deal he saw on the internet with a price of $543.48.

I run to purchase the system without knowing how it works, but I needed a new system, once the new recorder arrives at my property, I realized there were no cables to run up the cameras.

After hours looking for cables, I understood the system was wire-free, which was fun as I am a technician, but I was having no idea about what was going on.

I remembered I install that LHWF1006T1 for other clients, but I never program or play with them, so I started installing the system and the cameras.

As it is a wire-free system, you don’t need to connect cables for the cameras. I attach the recorder to the internet and download the Lorex Cirrus app on my phone.

You can download the app on the links below:

For Android: Play Store

For Apple: App Store

After installing the app, I double-check that I properly connect the power and ethernet cable at the back of the DVR.

I opened the Lorex Cirrus app and started to add my device to it.

Open the menu at the top left corner.

Lorex Wireless Camera Systems

  • Tap on devices.
  • Tap on Add at the top right corner.
  • Scan the QR code and type the default password which is 00000000.
  • Hit on Save at the top right corner, and the system will take you through the initial set up.
  • Set up the date/time and create a new password.

After completing the steps, I was able to see my device online, but no cameras on the live view.

Pairing for the Cameras

Lorex Wireless Camera Systems

The cameras that came with the system are the LWB4801 wire-free cameras, and at the back of them, they have a pairing button.

  • Tap the channel where you want to add the camera.
  • Tap on the pairing button that displays on the app.
  • Press and hold the pairing button on the camera.

Lorex Wireless Camera Systems

The cameras will show up on the channel you select. Before pairing the camera, make sure you:

  • Remove the security label for the battery.
  • Fully charge the camera battery.
  • Check the LED light, and the clicking sound when connecting the battery.

LWB4801 cameras 

The LWB4801 cameras will have a battery and power adapter that you can leave connected for the camera or used it whenever your camera is showing the red battery icon.

These cameras have an antenna in charge of sending the signal to the video recorder with recording footage resolution of 1080p.

You can get extra batteries from the link below:

LWB4801 Battery Pack

The signal for the cameras is excellent, but try to avoid installing them near to other electronic devices as it will interrupt the signal.

These cameras are weatherproof. However, I recommend you to protect them under a shelter.

Features of the cameras

Lorex Wireless Camera Systems

  • They have a 65FT night vision range.
  • They can detect video for a 140° field of view.
  • The camera’s antennas can transmit data to the recorder up to 450 feet of distance.
  • You can enjoy the Two-way talk feature by using the microphone and speaker of the cameras.
  • The cameras will have motion detection.
  • More than the beautiful design, these cameras offer multiple features that you won’t have on other models.
  • The battery time will depend on the amount of motion the camera detects.

You can purchase extra LWB4801 cameras from the link below:

Get the LWV4801 Here

If you are looking for the camera power adapter, click on the link below to get one of them.

Get the Adapter Here

LHWF1006 Features

  • The LHWF1006 wire-free DVR is a system that provides an effortless installation process, and easy ways to configure.
  • You don’t need a monitor or a TV to do the set up for the system unless you don’t have an internet connection.
  • This security system includes a 1TB hard drive with an overwrites configuration, this to avoid formatting the hard drive any time it gets full.
  • The LHWF4006 will work with smart home devices so you can take control of it with voice commands you can use Alexa or Google assistance.

Download them from the following link:


Android: Google Play

Apple: App Store

Google Assistance.

Android: Google Play

Apple: App Store

The system can be programmed to send e-mail notifications that will inform you when the cameras detect motion.

To configure the e-mail notifications, you must have a mouse, and a monitor connected or using the Lorex Client 13 software for your PC.

Download the software from the link below: https://lorexreview.com/lorex-software/

To enable the e-mail notifications, open the menu and click on Settings, and then network.

Lorex Wireless Camera Systems

Type the receiver as your e-mail and save the information by clicking on save at the bottom.

You can create a DDNS if you want to have access from a computer by using a domain name, to learn more about what a DDNS is, click on the link below:

Dynamic Domain Name System

To create a DDNS, you must have a Lorex account on the Lorex website:

Register your warranty in the warranties section.

Click on the DDNS option to create your DDNS.

Lorex Wireless Camera Systems

As soon as you create the DDNS form the Lorex Website, go to the DDNS section of your system.

Lorex Wireless Camera Systems

Type the information of the created DDNS, enable the feature, and then click on save.

After creating and adding the DDNS on your system, you must do port forwarding to the port 80, if you don’t know how to follow the process or having issues with the instructions, follow the video below.

By using the DDNS, you can access the features of your system with a web browser. This feature won’t work if you are on the same network as the system.

Playbacks and Backup

Lorex Wireless Camera Systems

Getting the playbacks on the system is very easy, you can do a right-click and select playback or click on the playback icon that will display if you drag your mouse to the button at the live view screen.

From the playback section, select the date/time, channel, and then click on the play icon.

If you are using the Lorex Cirrus app, it won’t be a different tap on the playback option from the menu, select date/time and channel.

Depending on your hard drive capacity, you will have more or less playback time, and if you want to save the recordings before they delete, you must perform a backup.

The backup option will let you save the recordings on a USB flash drive. Insert the USB flash drive on the USB port of the system, from the main menu click on the backup option that will show up under the playback option.

Select the date/time, channel, and check the recordings, then click on backup at the bottom, select MP4 as the format, and select the inserted USB flash drive.

The system will start the backup for your recordings, and after it is complete, you can connect the USB on your computer.

Lorex Wireless Camera Systems


After playing around with the features, I made a great choice purchasing this wire-free system. You will not have issues with the recordings you don’t need to run cables, and extremely easy to install.

I am happy I made that decision, and I would like to share my experience so you can be sure you are getting an excellent security system.

Don’t hesitate if you are looking for a reliable system easy to set up, purchase an LHWF1006T1 wire-free system, and share your experience with it, by leaving a comment at the end of the page.

However, I would love to change the Cirrus app to Lorex Cloud since the Cloud app looks better.

The Lorex Client 13 is excellent as you can control most of the features by using your computer.

I will rate this product with a 9.5 out of 10, which I consider the highest rate I can qualify for a Lorex security system.

That would be all for this article. I hope my experience with the LHWF1006T1 wire-free system helps you.

Feel free to leave a comment below if you have any questions so we can discuss them. You can get the LHWF1006T1 Lorex wire-free system through my Amazon affiliate link, it won’t cost you more, and I may earn a commission if you do so.

I will leave a link below in case you would like one of the Lorex systems I recommend for your home.



9 Responses

  1.  Thanks for shearing this helpful review, I like the fact that the issue of running cables around the building will not be a problem, since it is Wi-Fi enabled Easy to install, Excellent video footage, Wire-free connectivity, No monitor needed, 1TB hard drive included, among many other benefits, i won’t hesitate in making the choice of adopting LHWF1006T1 wire-free system as a reliable system.

  2. Wow! this is an amazing review you have got here. The initial set up was quick and easy. Every thing looks great. To get the remote viewing required some help for tech support with IP and port settings. Tech support was very helpful and the process was not a problem, over all i satisfied with the product.

  3. This is a very comprehensive review of the wireless LHWF camera systems. It seems quite straightforward to install, as you do not need need to worry about wires and therefor connecting it to an electrical socket.

    But it does make me wonder how long the batteries will hold their charge and if it is a rechargable pack that one can use. 

    Linking it to the internet and computer looks very complicated, but I am sure it will make sense when you are getting it up and running. 

    1. Hi there,

      You can get an additional battery for the camera in case one of the batteries is running out. Keep in mind that the battery will last for 3 months if the camera records only 4 minutes per day.

      If you have any other question let me know.

  4. After reading your review I have made up my mind to purchase LWB4801 camera for several reasons which I’ll briefly mention here: 

    1. I’ll have a recorder 300 feet away and knowing that the antennas can transmit data to a recorder that far has helped me make up my mind.

    2. I like the feature of motion detection.

    3. It also has 65FT night vision range.

    So thank you very much for helping me make a well informed desicion.

  5. I forgot the login password of the wifi Camera Model: LHWF1006-D, is there any way to recover it now? Currently I am living in Vietnam.

    1. Hello Hung,

      Thank you for contacting us.

      Can you give me the name of the app you are using?

      Jacob B
      Lorex Specialist

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