Lorex Wireless Security System – The New Lorex LHB926

Lorex Wireless Security System

Lorex Wireless Security System – The New Lorex LHB926

Product: Wireless LHB926

Price: $589.98

Best place to buy: Amazon.com

My ranking: 6.5 out of 10

Before we learn about the LHB926 Lorex wireless security system, I want you to know that wireless systems are excellent devices for home-usage. However, if your idea is getting one of these devices to take care of your business, it will not be a good decision. But, I can guarantee that this video recorder will provide excellent performance and comfortable ways to manage the features for the recordings.

Before we move forward if you want to see more DVR options like a wired system I recommend you take a look at the Lorex D841 wired system by doing a click on the link below.



  • Easy installation
  • Long Playback Time
  • Works without a monitor
  • Cameras easy to set up
  • Easy Troubleshooting steps
  • Voice Assistance Compatibility


  • Signal interference on the cameras
  • No waterproof cameras
  • No Sensitivity and Threshold set up for motion
  • No dome or PTZ cameras compatibility


Lorex Wireless Security System

The Lorex Security Company offers incredible products such as wireless security Recorders. These systems will provide a comfortable way to connect the cameras by pairing them with wireless signals, which means you can see the cameras without using any cable connection coming from the camera to the recorder.

Before we move forward, if you want to learn how a wireless camera works, you can click on the link below so you will get more familiar with the camera system before buying it.


During my time working with wireless devices, I can tell you that they are easy to set up, there’s not much to configure on them and the installation for the cameras won’t be a problem for anybody. The wireless connection within the system and the cameras work because of the antennas on the cameras and the receiver.

Besides that, the LHB926 will allow you to do the initial set up of the recorder from the mobile app, which means you don’t need to worry about having a monitor connected in the recorder to make it work. However, I always recommend having a monitor because it will allow you to have better control of the features.

With the LHB926 recorder, you don’t need to worry about a problem with the resolution unless you modify it from the system settings. It could happen as this system will work with a resolution of 1080p on the monitor, and cameras, which is an excellent resolution for a wireless DVR.

This system will save the recordings on an internal hard drive. The standard resolution of 1080p for the cameras and the default motion detection for the recording type will let you enjoy long playback time saved on the Hard Drive.

However, you can set up a continuous recording mode on the cameras by connecting them to a power adapter 24/7. That way you can set continuous recording mode directly from the Lorex Cirrus app. The LHB926 will support a maximum hard drive size of 8 TB which is more than enough for this kind of system.

To know more about how much footage time your wireless system will record click on the link below:


Kinds of Wireless Systems

The principal characteristic of a wireless system is the way how it works with the cameras. Some of the Wireless systems will need to have a receiver constantly connected like the model LHB926 which comes with a USB cable receiver different from the model LHWF1000 which has an internal receiver.

Lorex Wireless Security System

App and Software Compatibility

Lorex Wireless Security System

The advantage of the LHB926 over other Wireless systems will be that it’s one of the latest wireless systems Lorex has released to the market which provides new high-quality features such as voice assistance and remote connection with Lorex Cirrus (App) and Lorex Client 13 (Software)

Click on the link below to install the software for your computer:

Software for Windows:

https://www.lorextechnology.com/downloads/apps_updates/Lorex-Client-13-P2P/Lorex Client 13-v1_1_0_124_blue_20190807_24781.zip

Software for MAC:


Lorex Cirrus

Lorex Wireless Security System

The Lorex Cirrus is a Mobile App compatible with IOS and Android devices, it will allow you to take control of your cameras from your phone. This App will provide features easy to manage such as push notifications, recording schedule, motion set up, playback mode and much more since I started working with the Lorex App I passed through many bugs and issues on it, but I can tell Lorex has been working to fix everything for a better experience on the Cirrus app.

The Beautiful design and great performance of the App will let you enjoy any aspect of the footage coming from the cameras, on this mobile App. It’s not necessary to create a Lorex account just by having the Device ID and the password of the system it will be more than ready to set up.

Otherwise, if you want to manage your cameras with your computers, Lorex has the Lorex Client 13 for windows and VMS for Mac both with incredible design and user-friendly features.

Click on the link below to learn more about Lorex Cirrus.


Compatible Cameras

Lorex Wireless Security System

Looking at the compatibility chart for the LHB926, we can see there are not so many cameras compatibles, same as the recorder we will see wire-free cameras that can work with battery or with a power adapter it depends on the recording mode you would like to have. My best advice to any LHB926 customer will be to get a wire-free camera of 1080p resolution with a power adapter constantly connected.

These Wire-free cameras will be able to record on night vision mode with a night vision range of 65FT except for the model LWB4901AC that will cover an area of 70Ft. As personal advice for the night vision mode will be to have the cameras close to a source of light so they can record with a great night vision visibility.

When it comes to an excellent motion detection recording, I suggest having the camera looking on a diagonal field so this will allow the motion detection to pick up any event with more accurate effectivity.

Besides that, during the installation of the cameras try to mount them on a location where they don’t have any signal interference. Avoid placing the cameras close to a microwave or electronic devices, as this will decrease the quality of the recordings and most likely you will lose full image for the cameras.

Look at the compatibility wire-free cameras for the LHB926 on the link below:

https://www.lorextechnology.com/compatibility?dt=DVR for Wire-Free Camera&dp=227

What are the Main Issues?

Lorex Wireless Security System

The Lorex Wireless system is a device easy to troubleshoot, during the process it’s important to have a monitor and mouse connected to the video recorder on that way the steps to troubleshoot will be more comfortable to develop, common issues for this system will show up on the connectivity of the cameras.

The wire-free connection between the cameras and the system can show issues on the image quality and delay on the footage. The reason will be because of the signal interference when having this issue I recommend you to get the cameras close to the recorder so you can pair them again.

The wire-free cameras will have a pairing button at the back, and the correct way to connect them with the video recorder will be by holding the button between 6 to 10 seconds. After that, if during the pairing process you cannot connect the camera, the issue can be related to the battery or the antennas of the cameras and receiver.

Before you move on to the pairing process make sure to charge the battery and remove the protective label on it. Once you verify that, you should know if the camera is receiving power by covering the lens with your hands and checking if the infrared lights are showing up.

If the camera is not receiving the power you won’t be able to continue to the pairing process, make sure to try different batteries and power adapters to determine if the issue is on the camera or the power accessories.

Pairing the cameras from the App will be easier as soon as you get your device properly connected on the phone. You can select any black screen on the App and press the pair option that will show up, so you will have between 0 to 15 seconds to press and hold the pair button on the camera to get a successful connection with the recorder.

If during the pairing process you get a message (failed to pair), it will mean that the receiver is not being recognized by the system. Try reconnecting the receiver to see if it works, but if you are still getting the same error message, it will be necessary to look at our troubleshooting guides for the LHB926 on the link below.

You can find more about what is a DVR and an NVR system, Click on the links below for more information.

What is included?

The LHB926 includes:

1 × 6 channel DVR with 1TB Hard Drive

1 × Power adapter

1 × HDMI Cable

1 × Ethernet Cable

1 × Wire-Free Receiver

1 × Remote Control

1 × Mouse

6 x Weatherproof 1080p Wire-Free cameras

Quick Start Guides

Each camera includes:

1 × Wire-Free Cameras

1 × Rechargeable Power-Pack

1 × Mounting Kits

Most Frequent Questions

1. How to add my Lorex Device to my Phone?

2. How to set up a continuous recording mode?

3. How to get playbacks?

4. How to see my cameras on my Computer?

5. How to receive notifications on my phone?

6. How to see my cameras on different phones?

7. How to use the Lorex Cirrus app?

8. How to save recordings on my computer?

9. How to pair the cameras?

10. How to set up my system?


Lorex D841

Getting the LHB926 will be a good deal if you want to install it for your home security. The cameras are easy to pair, the mobile app is easy to use and very useful.

My rate of 6.5 will be because I prefer wired cameras. They will have better image quality and connection, wired systems will provide more security as the only way to interfere with the recordings will be by cutting the cables. However, the Lorex Cirrus app is easy to develop it will be great to have more features such as Lorex Cloud and Home app.

The LHB926 is a device full of simple features that will let you enjoy a comfortable setup experience, but as we are discussing the best security systems, I will recommend wired devices like the N841 NVR and the D841 DVR.

To get more information about DVRs and NVRs click on the links below:

NVR link https://www.lorextechnology.com/security-nvr/N-1hit2cc

DVR link https://www.lorextechnology.com/security-dvr/N-b3bynw

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  1. Your guide is awesome for everyone. While reading i know that Lorex Security Company offers incredible products such as wireless security Recorders. These systems will provide a comfortable way to connect the cameras by pairing them with wireless signals, The LHB926 is a device full of simple features that will let you enjoy a comfortable setup experience. Now we are planning to implement them in our home.

    1. Thanks for reading, we will keep uploading information about the lorex systems.

  2. First of all thank you so much for giving us an article about such a wonderful device. And since I am very aware of the security of my home, I have done a lot of research on the Lorex LHB926 Wireless Security System. Although it offers great performance and comfortable ways, I personally don’t like the wireless security system .I like wired systems and wired systems have provided me with a lot of protection. I personally use the N841 NVR wired device. 

    I would definitely recommend my N841 NVR and the D841 DVR wired devices to my friends and benefit from using this security system. And his new experience will certainly share you. Can I share your article on my social media?

    1. Hi there,

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  3. These look like a pretty awesome set! I run an automotive shop and have been looking for a good wireless system. I usually also prefer wired systems, but that can become kind of a pain trying to wire so much all over, I did not mind as much doing the wiring at the house.

    The waterproof aspect is a bummer, but should not matter if placed inside a shop. Thanks for the great recommendation, I will definitely bookmark this and return when I am ready to purchase!

    1. Hi Gabriel,

      If you have any questions at any time you can let us know.

  4. I am happy that a website is created on this topic and I must confess that I am impressed with the outline of your website. This article is great and the idea of going wireless with security cameras is awesome. This article, I believe will be of help to so many others as it has been of help to me

    1. Thanks for reading.

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