Outdoor Wifi Security Cameras – The New PTZ wifi Camera!

Product: Lorex Wi-Fi Camera

Model: W261AQC-E

Price: $93.99

The place to get it:https://www.lorextechnology.com/site/W261AQC-E-1-p#downloadsTab

My rating: 8 out of 10

Lorex company has been passing through many changes that I consider are not good for them. Having so many models with different features and configurations is not satisfying for technicians. However, it is excellent for its customers as they can enjoy many options for their security.

Technology is changing too fast, and it makes any technology company modify its equipment to better and modern production. Lorex is one of the companies trying to reach the top place on the list as they are creating and innovating on new products.

For this article, we will review the new product Lorex has released for security monitoring, and we will understand why they are too close to reaching a top list for quality on security devices.

Don’t hesitate and look at some reviews for the Lorex devices.

With all these new Lorex products, we can see improvement in the performance of their digital and network video recorders, but we will not discuss them. I want to share a new camera with incredible features that you will enjoy.

However, I will recommend you to check all the information about digital and network video recorders from our blog, as they will provide a better service for your security.

For top Lorex products, I always refer to the D841 and N841, but in this case, I will advise you to take a look at the N881 NVR system as it is the best Lorex device.

Before moving to the information about the Wi-Fi W261AQC-E model, read the article we have about Wi-Fi cameras so you can have a better idea of how they work, and what they can do.

Let’s meet the new W261AQC-E Wi-Fi camera model I hope you can fall in love with this product as I, and make you buy one of these to monitor your home.

W261AQC-E Wi-Fi camera


If you read our article about Wi-Fi camera, you will have an idea about what you can do with these cameras, in the model W261AQC-E there is much more you need to learn.

For this model, there are new features that work great for anyone. This camera has pan, tilt, and digital zoom. You can activate the new privacy mode and enable the feature to follow any motion detected by the camera.

But how is this possible?


Lorex design this model with a design where the camera has the power to rotate, they create a Wi-Fi camera with the characteristics of a PTZ camera.

PTZ (Pan-Tilt-Zoom) means the camera can move sideways and digital zoom in, different from the standard PTZ cameras with this model you don’t need cables or a video recorder to make it work.

All you need to do is connect the camera via Wi-Fi with your phone by using the Lorex Home app.

Lorex Home is the latest app Lorex created that works with their latest products, the app has renowned technology, and it will let you manage the features of your model device.

To use the Lorex Home app, you must create a Lorex account. You can use the Lorex website or the Lorex Home app to validate your account and start adding your devices through the app.

Click on the link below to use the Lorex website.


Or download the Lorex Home app from the link below.

Android: Google Play Store

Apple: App Store

When you access the Lorex Home app, you need to add your device by tapping on the Plus icon, scan the QR code you have on the camera label and create a password for the camera,

*Before scanning the QR code, make sure the camera LED light is flashing green.

After you create the camera password, select your home network Wi-Fi and type the password of it, click on next and set the name, date/time for the camera.

After finishing the initial set up steps, you can see your device on the app.

  • *This camera only works on 2.4Ghz networks*

Try to install the camera before connecting it on your phone, place them under a shelter to avoid damages caused by water.

These cameras can work on network video recorders too, and you have two options to connect them on your NVR device.

  1. You can use an ethernet cable to connect the camera at any port of the NVR.
  2. You can manually add the camera by using the IP address of the camera.

Do a right-click and select device search to display the list of the devices you can add. The IP of your Wi-Fi camera will show the app, check the IP, and click on add.

  • If the camera asks for a password, type the password you create for the camera.
  • If you are connecting the camera through Wi-Fi, the speed will not be similar to the ones using an ethernet cable.

As the camera works with Wi-Fi, avoid placing the camera between walls or obstacles.


Privacy Mode: you can temporarily disable your cameras live viewing. You can use this feature to avoid unwanted recordings.

Smart person detection: enable this feature to detect when a person is passing by, and the camera will follow the motion produced by the person on a 180° area.

Push Notifications: as all of the Wi-Fi cameras, you can enable the push notifications for your phone, the will send alerts for motion detection.

Two-way audio: talk and listen through the camera by using the microphone and speaker on the app.

Secure local storage: an included SD card of 16GB that you can increase up to 256GB capacity. Any saved footage will store at the SD card and overwrite while the storage gets full.

Smart Home compatibility: this camera will work using commands form the smart home devices, Alexa, and Google Assistance will let you manage your device with them.


  • This camera has a wide field of view angle f 135° ideal for monitoring open areas.
  • As the camera follows motion produced by any person, you can have clear footage of the detected motion event.
  • You can increase the storage capacity.
  • The design of the camera will let you place it in any area.
  • The 1080p resolution will let you enjoy clear footage.
  • This model has the best performance for motion detection.


  • You must have a high internet speed for an excellent performance.
  • If there is no Wi-Fi, the camera will stop recording.
  • The camera doesn’t work on 5.0Ghz networks and can have issues while connecting if you have extenders or signal boosters.
  • They can be easily disconnected if you don’t install them in high places, and Lorex doesn’t cover stolen equipment.
  • It is hard to reconnect them to the app when they lost connection.
  • The storage performance is not too good as there is an issue for the camera recognizing the SD card.
  • You cannot remotely view Wi-Fi cameras using any software unless you have the camera connected to a network video recorder.

How to Solve Issues?

When the W261AQC is showing an offline status, you need to factory default the camera by pressing the reset button. After resetting the camera, you need to add it again.

  • If you have a red LED flashing light means the camera is having network issues, a reset will solve the problem.
  • If the camera is rapidly flashing red light means there’s an error on the SD card, try removing and re-inserting the SD card or ty a different SD card.

Those two cases are the most common issues for this camera model. You won’t have any other problems while playing with the features.

However, if you have different issues with the camera, contact Lorex technical support department for professional assistance.


I love when a company offers different type of services, Lorex is doing a great job with their products, and I know anyone is happy with them.

The new PTZ feature works incredible, and smart motion detection works fine on this model. The speed for motion detection is fast, and you won’t miss any important event.

I always prefer a video recorder since they have more features, and you can connect multiple cameras. However, purchasing a W261AQC-E is an excellent idea as it is a product that has many ways to manage.

The price of $93.99 is according to its functions, and the design is beautiful.

My rate is 8 out of 10 is based on the features this camera provides, but I think a video recorder works better.

That would be all for this article, if you have any questions or would like to add something to this review, feel free to leave a comment below so we can discuss it. You can get different Lorex Wi-Fi camera models through my Amazon affiliate link, it won’t cost you more and I may earn a commission if you do so.

I will leave a link below in case you would like one of the Lorex systems I recommend for your home.



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